Podcast 86<br><b>Boundaries to Manage Expectations</b><br>Dr. Maria Kempinska MBE 

Boundaries to manage expectations is a vital topic for people of all age groups. Every single day, I hear people say, they’re overwhelmed, they feel taken for granted. They’re under too much pressure. I wonder if we understood what boundaries are important to us and how to use these to manage expectations? Dr. Maria Kempinska […]

Podcast 84<br><b>How Can Acupuncture Help You</b><br>Simi Godagama

So you know how acupuncture has been known for forever? When you go through heartbreak, it shows up in the heart meridian and this is something that can be fixed through acupuncture. Simi Godagama is an acupuncturist. She’s a marma therapist, and she’s an ayurvedic practitioner.

Podcast 83<br><b>Manual Therapy and Cranial Osteopathy</b><br>Katrine Cakuls

Working internationally in Canada, England, Australia and America, addressing all levels of fitness and health, Katrine has helped people achieve optimal health. Her work has been featured on national television in America, and she has been quoted in a book by author Naomi Wolf. She works with a network of practitioners including medical consultants, psychotherapists, […]

Podcast 81<br><b>Releasing Emotional Triggers and Traumas</b><br>Bushra Khan

Bushra Khan has developed the qualities and skills to help her clients to create a mindset to take back control, conquer their thoughts, actions and belief systems and support them in designing their life in their ideal way. She is practicing as a holistic psychotherapist helping others through their own challenges. Bushra has already touched […]

Podcast 79<br><b>Dealing with Guilt</b><br>Shobana Cooke

Shobana graduated with a BSc. in Anthropology from the University College of London, UK and embarked on an endless journey studying and practicing Homeopathy, Yoga and Tarot. She uses a combination of these modalities in her clinical practice in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She is also a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and Yogic Lifestyle Counsellor. During […]

Podcast 78<br><b>Create the Life you Desire</b><br>Carla L. Picardi

Carla L. Picardi – author, consultant, keynote speaker and lecturer – has a degree in Architecture and Design, and over 40 years of experience in leading people to create a vision, and to make that vision a reality in design, property development, concept development, project management and people development. She has presented a TED Talk […]