Nightmares? Bad relationships? Unexplained sadness? What is triggering you?

Addressing the trauma that is the source of your triggers and adopting some coping mechanisms will help you live your best life, holistic psychotherapist Bushra Khan told me on an episode of Wellness Curated. ‘Triggered’. It’s a word that comes up so often these days, it could well be chosen as the word of the […]

Understand autism to help your loved ones

for representational purposes only You may not know this but certain exercises have benefits for little children who are on the spectrum as well as for neurotypical children. Jonas Torrance, author of Therapeutic Adventures with Autistic Children, talks about these on my new episode, while sharing what one can do to support loved ones with […]

Where there is Love, There will be Miracles

Love is one of my favourite subjects. Is love what you feel for a parent? Is it what you feel for your partner? For your children? Is it what you feel when you think about your favourite person in the world? What you feel when you’re spiritually connected? All of the above? Some of the […]

What is Happiness

Have you ever said to yourself – I will be happy when I get ‘this’ or when I do ‘that’ or when I earn ‘this much money’ or when I meet my life partner ? And then what happens when you achieve that milestone ? Are you happy or do you set yourself another milestone […]