S1 E2
Where Does It Really Hurt
Arya Punj Timblo & Sushma IR

Let’s Get Physical 

Aches and emotions: Why heartbreak really hurts 

Most people would agree that pain is influenced by emotion to some degree, but in this episode, you’ll hear psychologist Sushma IR and psychotherapist and psychological astrologist Arya Timblo talk about how bottled-up emotions can actually cause everyday aches and pains. Remembering that you have control over your life and resisting the temptation to catastrophise – “don’t get trapped in a whirlpool of ‘what-ifs’” as Sushma IR says – can help counter this. Listen to this episode to understand how you can live a relatively pain-free life.

S1 E1
Wearables & Fitness Technology
Neha Sahaya, Armaan Kandhari & Karan Khurana

In the post-COVID world, where well-being is finally getting due attention, technological advances in  fitness technology – especially in the area of wearable devices and interactive apps – is helping people to take nutrition, health and daily activity more seriously. The downside is that you could be taking it a bit too seriously. Listen to our experts, nutritionist Neha Sahaya, fit-tech entrepreneur Armaan Kandhari and fitness expert, Karan Khurana talk about the pros and cons of fitness technology, the tools they love and the ones they don’t and about how you can watch out for the pitfalls and get the most out of fitness tech. Discover how innovations like sensors and wireless technology are helping the world get fitter and learn about tech that costs a packet but which will pay you huge dividends.

Podcast 99
Meditation for Happiness and Joy
Amrita Mann

In the final part of our meditation series we find out how to attract abundance, happiness and joy, guided by healer, seeker and yogini Amrita Mann.

Podcast 98
Herbs for Health
Collette Casey

Today we are looking at the healing powers of herbs, a tradition of medicine that dates back millennia.

In this podcast, we will explore the world of herbs, with my guest Collette Ruddy, who is a Trained Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist, and who specializes in women’s health.

Podcast 97
Meditation for Love
Amrita Mann

Our fourth instalment in our meditation series will help you remove negativity and conflicts in your relationship and fill it instead with love.

Let us hear from Amrita Mann who is a healer, seeker and yogini, and discover how to surround ourselves with Love.

Podcast 96
Meditation for Wealth and Abundance
Amrita Mann

Money is a form of energy and like energy it is meant to flow, in and out.

Listen to episode 3 in our meditation series – meditation for wealth.

Let’s follow Amrita Mann as she guides us…

Podcast 95
Meditation for Health
Amrita Mann

Meditation can give us a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both our emotional well-being and our overall health.

In episode 2 of our meditation series, we’re looking at how meditation can lead to better health.

Guiding us is Amrita Mann, healer, seeker and yogini.

Through her guided meditation, she has helped people sort out a number of issues from aches and pains, poor digestion, dizziness, anxiety, chronic fatigue, auto-immune issues and more.

Podcast 94
Psychological Astrology
Arya Punj Timblo

In this podcast, we dived deep into Psychological Astrology – discovering what it is and how it can help us understand more about our life and ourselves.

My guest, Arya Punj Timblo is a professional adult and child psychotherapist  and an experienced psychological astrologer who has been working in both these fields for the past 20 years.  She also teaches Psychological Astrology online internationally.

Podcast 93
Death and Dying (Part 2)
Dr. Sarah Holmes

In this podcast we discussed how to prepare for Death and live with the dying.

Dr. Sarah Holmes is a Consultant in Palliative Medicine and Medical Director of Marie Curie Hospice Bradford, UK – who has worked extensively in end of life care.

Podcast 92
Why Meditate
Amrita Mann

Amrita Mann is an incredible healer.

Let’s look at how meditation can really help to clear our minds, boost concentration, energy, and sleep.

In our series on meditation,  my guest Amrita Mann will be our guide and we’ll cover key aspects in each session including Meditation for Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.