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Picture of Amrita Mann

Amrita Mann

Amrita Mann has always been sensitive to energies around her ever since she was a little girl, she grew up being one of those people who never really "fit in" into the norms of society, never understood the ways of the world in the traditional sense.

Then in her teenage years, after going through the "medical merry-go round" Several intense lab tests and what not! which only resulted in further disappointment, bouts of depression & severe low self-esteem, she finally came to realize that there is more to health and mental well-being than what medical science can tell us. And as they say, 'Every dark cloud has a silver lining'. This later lead her to questioning the "Self" and the unseen aspects of Life in general, our Life Purpose, Karmic patterns and its interesting ways of functioning and how they affect people's lives. It also made her a firm believer in the fact that when we feel something bad has happened to us, it is usually protecting us from something worse that could have happened, and if we are positive during the dark times, no matter how broken you feel, something great will come out of it.. because that is Faith!

She always had a sense of something protecting her and guiding her, specially at times when she really needed help or was in a difficult situation, It was later that she realized it was the Angelic kingdom and Sai Baba who were always by her side helping and guiding her, specially when she looks back at certain instances in her life where things were 'this!' close to going horribly wrong, she was always protected.

Having experienced and studied various aspects of healing such as Pranic Healing, Merkaba - Sacred Geometry, Ancestral healing, Goddess, Womb & Angelic healing and through her connection to her higher self and the Ascended Masters, she includes all these aspects as and when required while healing those who approach her.

Meditation & Yoga has also been a part of her daily practice through which she gets intuitive guidance for clients and herself.

Her firm belief is that it is only through the Love of the Divine that people can be healed. Healers are merely just instruments or channels and all healing comes from Spirit and the Creator.

Thus, Her aim is to spread this Love, Light & Healing to all beings around the world."

Therapies offered: Ancestral healing, energy healing, goddess healing, life coach, pranic healing, tarot card reading, transformational yoga, womb healing, yoga therapy

Conditions treated: Pain on legs, back pains, bad digestion, whole body pains, dizziness, fainting, sore throat, anxiety, chronic fatigue, cancer, autoimmune diseases

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