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Be Mindful, Be Present

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Anshu Bahanda: This is Anshu Bahanda on Wellness Curated. Thanks for joining me on this podcast. My mission is to empower you with health and wellness so that you can then go and empower others. 

So, a lot of you don’t need an introduction to Amrita. She’s helped me a lot personally. I met her as a pranic healer but there’s a lot of different modalities and a lot of different forms of healings that she practices. She does goddess healing, she does ancestral healing, she works with sacred geometry, she’s exceptional with meditation, she does yoga. I know that Amrita has helped me and a whole lot of my friends with chronic healing. She’s also helped us with meditation. So, Amrita, welcome to the platform. 

We’re going to talk about how to be mindful and how to be present because some of us are struggling with the new world post the pandemic and how our lives were so different during lockdown and before lockdown and how are we going to take it forward. So, tell me Amrita, what is wellness to you?

Amrita Mann: Basically, understanding yourself, stability and balance in life can really help you overall because it’s a combination of your mind, your emotions and the body. So, the body is a result of your mind and emotions. So, wellness has to start with the mind. I think peace of mind is very important and to cultivate that peace you need to understand yourself and you need to know what triggers you, why you get triggered. So basically, like asking the question, who am I, what am I doing here? I think these are one of the questions that have been there from the very beginning and I think that’s something that we need to ask ourselves every time we react to a situation or every time something triggers us that why am I being triggered? Why am I not at peace? Because if you’re at peace, you’ll be able to deal with everything in a much better manner. And it’s not possible, I know, for everybody to be peaceful and chilled out all the time. But it is something, it’s a practice and like everything you have to bring your awareness back to it. You have to be aware that okay, I am reacting like this. Even if you’re getting angry, be aware that this is anger. What a lot of people do is they associate themselves with I am angry or I am like this. So instead of saying that… I think one major thing is that you make it your energy. When you say I am angry, I’m getting angry— you’re making that your energy instead of you saying that this is anger, it is coming out of me because of this reason. Let me try and understand what actually triggered me. Is it because I feel low? Is it because I feel sad? Is it because I feel guilty? Whatever the reason is, why are you acting like that? Or what is the fear? That’s how you understand yourself better and you can work on it one at a time. And from my experience, I’ve noticed, and I’m sure you also by now know that healing is a constant journey. Once again, it’s like a layer opening up. So, you’re constantly working on yourself.

AB: Do you think this pandemic is gone? Is it over? Or is it coming back in ways?

AM: This may be a little radical, but I think the pandemic is actually within us. We are the ones who created it, and all of us are talking about manifestation and the law of attraction. And all this is also what we’ve attracted as a world together. According to a lot of theosophical scholars who have studied emotions, who have studied energy, they have noticed whenever any place has a lot of emotional energy, flooding takes place. Your environment is responding to your emotions. So, the pandemic is basically like… I think we all know how it started because of greed. And greed was mainly one of the main motives behind power and wrong use of power. And the thing is that even when it subsided, we had… Almost all of us, I think the entire world was in lockdown last year together. And as soon as it started opening, our people forgot. At that time, everybody was like, oh, mother Earth, mother that or this. One thing I feel is that I don’t think you can go back to the usual normal. Normal has to change, and that’s why the pandemic came. So again, understanding why something happened rather than when will it go away, why has it come even in our life? And we have situations where instead of thinking why something has come up, you understand what created it. So, I think it’s more important to understand that aspect of the pandemic. If you don’t have it in you, if you don’t have that energy of that greed, jealousy, anger, those kinds of emotions in you, it will not affect you. But yeah, you have to understand that you cannot go back to jamming life the way you did earlier, because that was the whole point of nature, kind of trying to teach us that we need to pay attention to things that really matter. Value relationships, value yourself. A lot of people learned to value themselves, value their relationships. They learned to balance home and work. Of course, it wasn’t the same for everybody. Actually for some people, I think it was an eye opener that they were living with people who they really didn’t know. And some of them could not even find living in the same house together, but they were continuing like that for years and years. I think it was really an eye opener into our own lives as to what we have created and whether we want to carry on with that in the future or whether we want to change that and what changes we need to bring. So that is something which we need to honor and continue.

AB: There’s one thing that you said which I thought was an incredible point about how some people have embarked greed and anger and things like that, but I actually think the normal had become so weird. I mean, think about it. All the school systems and the college system and work were based on competition, on cupcake competition. That’s not how man is meant to be. That whole concept of Ubuntu, you’re supposed to take everyone with you, not cut out the rest and win. From what I feel, and I might be wrong, I feel I have a long way to go to go back to that.

AM: I truly feel that this is just the beginning and I think it’s better if we learn now than wait for more things to happen. Like there is a whole shift happening. We are living in very interesting times and or both have chosen to be here at this time, to go through the shape, go through the changes. And this happens like once every 24- 26 thousand years of change, of cycles.

AB: But then tell me, what is your view of this new world we’re going towards?

AM: We’ve noticed that in the past seven, eight years, a lot more people have started meditating, a lot more people are talking about, even if it is superficially, at least they have started acknowledging things like energy healing. And I think science has made major breakthroughs in terms of bringing back ancient science. So, a lot more people are accepting it and they’re starting to live life away in alignment with the universe and not as an individual themselves. And I think this is also one of the main teachings of the pandemic that we have won. It doesn’t matter which part of the world we were in; everybody was affected. I think this new world is something which again, there’s a division. Some people are still very cynical about everything going on. They feel that things are just getting worse and they’re only talking bad things about the government, the people, and how things are becoming terrible. So that is one aspect of it. And the other aspect is that people have actually moved towards living in harmony more in oneness. A lot of youngsters have actually made the change. Our parents’ generation or the older generation always say, they really went through the worst of it because they had to do everything their parents said and they are doing everything their children say. So basically, they are the ones who actually started this whole process of change by giving their children the freedom, make their own life and do their own thing.

And a lot of people, I feel like a parent’s generation, they work hard, they stabilize themselves so that the children could do whatever they want. That is happening in a lot of families. A lot of children are actually taking farming and towards Earth-centric, eco-friendly careers. A lot of people left corporate jobs, very like fancy corporate jobs just to do farming and to take care of basically mother Earth.

AB: There was a life with free pandemic and then there was this lockdown life that everybody’s had. How can we help them now that people are beginning to come out of it, at least for the moment, how can we help people cope? What would you advise? And along with this, can you give us some tools and techniques, some concrete ones that people can take away, that they can do on their own?

AM: Yeah, sure. One thing I think is that meditation definitely helps. It helps you get centered; it helps you understand yourself better, which is the basis of living a balanced and peaceful life and working on yourself. Understanding is okay… I’m a 90s person, I have to deal with it. It’s not like that. It’s more like okay fine, I need to work on what causes this. So that meditation helps a lot. With all of that understanding that we are all connected, we are all one, that helps a lot. The other thing which I feel, which nobody really talks much about is virtues. And it really helps you live a more peaceful life. Because if a person… just an example, if somebody is jealous, what happens is that you’re just causing problems to yourself. 

So, when we have those kinds of emotions in us and when our virtues are not balanced and when we have dreams or when we have jealousy, those kinds of energies are within us and we all have a certain degree for different, different things. So, one thing to accept is that acceptance is a big thing in making changes. Because if you don’t accept that there is something wrong, you will not be able to change that, you will continue living with it. Yeah, virtues are something that if you genuinely feel happy for somebody, there will be one thing that is by law of karma, nothing. You’re not going to get that energy back. So, you are in a peaceful state. You’re not attracting that negative energy back because you don’t have it in you. This I think people should really ponder upon. This is something which you can go into. We can all go into a lot of depth and evolve ourselves and help ourselves and even our family.

AB: Can you give us some concrete reason?

AM: Yeah. Say you just realize that you’re feeling jealous about something. So, the thing is that you can just visualize the energy of jealousy. Don’t associate jealousy with yourself. So don’t externalize it, externalize it out of your body. This is how I react. I put it in a box, you can erase it, put it on a board in front of you. You can just say I arranged by the will of God or by the help of my guides and interest. Your mind is guiding you consciously and subconsciously to that. Jealousy is something I want to erase from my life. So, it’ll work, it takes time, but it depends on how much of the energy you have. So, it’ll take time and then just whatever thing you have become jealous of, just visualize that person or that situation and just say bless it. And you can say that I bless it with joy, with peace, abundance or just bless. If you’re not feeling like saying anything, you can just raise your hands, focus on your heart, just ask the divine blessings to go through you and that way you’re blessing not only the other person— the energy going through you is blessing you also. Breathwork is another tool.

AB: Because breathwork helps you be present, right? And mindful.

AM: You’re just in the present when you’re doing breathwork. So that really helps. The other thing with breathwork is if you do advanced breath work like yoga and all, you can set an intention that I want to delete this remote from my body and then do the breathwork that really works. Even mantras chanting can change the energy, the vibration in your body, thus changing the way that you react to situations. Especially breathing mantras because they work on certain chakras and the chakras have the virtues and the emotions and everything is stored within our body. So, wherever it is stored, if you’re doing the mantra for that chakra, it will start coming out and getting clear. Basically yoga. Most of the techniques are very powerful. It’s a purification technique. 

The other thing is, I think one of the main reasons why we lack virtues is also because we lack self-worth. So, when you’re always doubting yourself and you’re always not sure about yourself, then you are more worried about the negative aspects in yourself and in other people as well. When you know that you are worthy, everybody is worthy because we are all equal, we are all the same. When you bring those concepts, which are not really concepts, but they are the universal truth, it takes time for everybody to really experience that. I think when we bring that kind of awareness within our day-to-day life, then we can really help make the shift in the energy. Be aware, even if you’re wasting time on your phone, beware that okay, I know I’m wasting time on my phone. Just telling yourself that will bring you in the sense of awareness that okay, I can’t do something more productive with my time. Sometimes you’re thinking without even being aware that you are having these thoughts. You’ll realize because your energy and your vibration will remain so high, that when you do get into a negative mindset, when you really have to complain about somebody or do something, you’ll start feeling heavy and drained. You won’t even want to do it because it won’t make you feel good.

AB : But tell me. So if we start practicing, say we make a little routine for ourselves where you do a bit of meditation, a bit of breathwork, maybe a bit of chanting, whatever people believe in. Some believe in this mantra, some do Vedic Mantra, some you talk about, whatever it is… If you make whatever routine works for you and do that, how long will it take before people can see the changes, before they can be mindful, before they can be present?

AM: Okay, so when you start a practice, seriously, what happens is that the negative aspects also of you start coming out. Sometimes it seems like things are getting worse and I’m more agitated and more on the edge because of whatever this practice I’m doing. And that is because that thing is clearing out of you. So, you need to be aware that, okay, fine, I’m doing this practice and I’m getting really irritated because the energy is being released. So, at that point of time, again, don’t associate it with energy. Do writing and burning. That is something which I tell everybody every time, it’s so powerful. That is because you’re getting that energy out of you, you’re writing a letter to the universe or God and saying that, I’m leaving this, I release this energy from myself. I’m so irritated or I’m so jealous that this one has you really take your emotions out on the paper. Don’t make it very clinical and just like, okay, now I have to write. This has to be emotional. Emotions have to get out on that paper. So sometimes when I’m angry, I really scratch the papers, bang it on. That is important. It’s important to get out and then just burn it or tear it up. It really helps.

AB: So, Amrita, tell me, my last question to you is what’s your advice to the people, given so much has gone on?

AM: I think speaking about the pandemic and how lives have changed from before to after and then now. So, the thing is that you need to do whatever makes you feel happy. If something is not making you feel joyful, you don’t need to ask anybody else what needs to be done or what doesn’t. Your guru lies within you. We all know that the divinity lies within us and what is best for you, you [would] know. Nobody else can tell you that. So, I think it’s best to connect. Connect with yourself. Find that higher self or your angels or guides or whatever name you want to give it. Find that connection within you that is guiding you. That means you don’t always know which path to take. Even if you are having trouble in your life, why is that trouble coming up? What can I do to fix it? Asking questions to the universe is very important. We don’t ask questions. We tend to go into more of a self-pity mode. But don’t ask that, okay, fine, this is happening— what do I do and how do I do it? I think it was basically asking and asking that changed my life from corporate to this. Again, it comes down to acceptance. Accepting that, okay, I need to do this. Let me make it joyful for myself rather than make it more of a struggle. And when you’re in that state of joy, when you’re grateful for what you’re doing, even grateful that you have a job, which is not really what you want, the doors will open up. The universe will open up for more opportunities. But the more you crave something, the worse it gets.

AB: Thank you. Thank you. That was such an incredible session. 

Thanks for joining us. Hope you enjoyed the Wellness Curated podcast. Please subscribe and tell your friends and family about it. And here’s to you leading your best life.