Breaking down anxiety: A scientific exploration

In this episode of Wellness Curated, your host, Anshu Bahanda, takes you on an enlightening journey through the labyrinth of our minds, offering a fresh perspective on the science of stress and anxiety. With a blend of expert insights from emotion code practitioner Khun Jah, psychotherapists Bushra Khan and Anjali Singh Mitter, certified yoga expert Amrita Mann, and Transformational Breath® workshop leader Harika Pekinel, Anshu presents the mechanisms that govern our body’s response to stress. More importantly, how we can navigate these challenges to lead a balanced life.

Discover the biological underpinnings of anxiety, from the rapid reactions of the amygdala to the hormonal dance of cortisol and adrenaline and understand how genetics and environment intertwine to shape our mental health landscape.

You’ll also learn practical strategies for managing stress and anxiety, from the simplicity and effectiveness of breathwork to the grounding power of meditation and about the cognitive restructuring offered by therapy and about the pivotal role of sleep in maintaining mental equilibrium.

This episode arms you with scientific insights and actionable techniques to reclaim your calm. Watch this to start down the road to a more serene and mindful existence.

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