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Picture of Bushra Khan

Bushra Khan

Over the last two decades, Bushra Khan's path led her to study and work with some of the world’s most prominent and leading teachers such as Marisa Peer, Bob Proctor, Blue Marsden, Vishen Lakhiani, and Eckhart Tolle.

Having grown stronger from the obstacles and challenges life has given her, she has developed the qualities and skills to help her clients to create a mindset to take back control, conquer their thoughts, actions and belief systems and support them in designing their life in their ideal way.

Bushra Khan is practicing as a holistic psychotherapist helping others through their own challenges. Merging the latest in self-awareness with the ancient practice of Sufism, she is results-driven and focused on creating impact in as few sessions as possible. Her mission is to create awareness in each and every one by removing “blockages” that obstruct the flow of energy, giving the tools to operate on a higher vibration, and receiving what each and every one truly desires.

Therapies offered: Rapid transformation therapy (RTT) , holistic psychotherapy counselling , psychotherapy , access bars

Name and country of organisations registered with: National Council of Psychotherapies (UK), International Council of Psychotherapies (UK)

Conditions treated: Low self esteem, anxiety

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