Crystals for Health and Wellness

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Anshu Bahanda: This is Anshu Bahanda on Wellness Curated. Thanks for joining me on this podcast. My mission is to empower you with health and wellness so that you can then go and empower others. (Music plays and fades away). So, Olga, welcome to the chat again. Tell me, what is wellness to you?

Olga Star: I love that question. You remember how much I thought about it. I think wellness for me is finding equilibrium between your mind and body before you can actually progress into spiritual development. Because if your body is not in harmony with itself, it’s not in harmony with your thought process. I think spirituality is a little bit of an opportunity to take you away from actually dealing with this life and learning how to live it to the fullest. So, equilibrium for me is a mind and body balance before we go into any other structure we want to discover.

AB: Okay, very good. And tell us now, how did you start working with crystals?

OS: I always had crystals in my life. It was kind of strange in a sense that we’re here. I also had this little fantasy as a little girl, I wanted to be a queen of a crystal cave. I know, I was a small girl. And finally, I have this crystal cave and I forgot about this fantasy I had, which I was really fantasizing about for a long time when I was a child. And I was mentioning all these crystals and rainbow colors. And only a few years back, I realized that it happened.

AB: Wow! Amazing.

OS: Not the queen, but.

AB: And tell me, how can crystals help with wellness?

OS: I find crystals the most encompassing medium. We take supplements, we have color therapy, we have massages. And with crystals, we have physical touch. We have a tactile situation. We have color healing because they have different colors. And if we manage to get crystals which are semi-translucent or they have really intriguing paintings on them, then we allow our mind to relax, connect with our subconscious, and bring it forward to the conscious. 

AB: Wow! So, I’m assuming you have helped lots of people with crystals. Tell us how you’ve helped them and the different aspects of their life that have changed once they started working with your crystal?

OS: I think the key aspect that I’ve managed to identify with almost every single of my clients, their lives have changed. Not like improved, but it actually destroyed everything that didn’t work for them. So, they left their old jobs, they found new jobs. Some left old relationships. I know it’s really painful, but they were brave enough, they did it, and now they’re in new relationships. None of them are single who actually have this problem in their relationship.

AB: So, we should definitely get all the single people to buy your crystals. Right?

OS: There you go, right?

AB: Sorry. Go ahead. 

OS: No, that’s it. I think this is kind of key because at the end of the day, what we want, we want a perfect relationship. We want someone who can mirror your desires and enhance them. And then it’s almost like a dance of two souls. Unless you have children as well, then there is a dance of a few souls together, enhancing each other’s life purpose.

AB: Oh, I love that. ‘Dance of two souls’— I love that phrase. Now tell me, so, you have these crystals that you kind of recommended on your site? So, how do people work with them? How do they know that’s for them? And then what is the process of buying the crystal, of keeping it with yourself? How do you purify it? The whole thing.

OS: Okay, let’s start first with how they choose because I think for new viewers, it’s really important to understand. And it’s like the key sentence I will always repeat and repeat, stop listening to us experts. You look at the crystal, you see how you feel about it. If you connect, if it makes you feel really good, no matter what someone says— oh, no, you can’t get it because it’s not going to enhance your spirituality. You go for the crystal. And then I hope you come across my shop, obviously, because in my crystals… and I know it sounds really weird, but I do receive information from them. And if the crystal has a particular message, they do find the right person to work with them, then in my listing I do say that. So, my listings are very strange.

AB: Okay, lovely. And tell me, then what happens after someone buys the crystal from you. What is the process of getting the most out of it?

OS: Oh, when they purchase the crystal I do recommend saving information just in case, but I always try to include print outs of the very same information they read on our site. Because I understand that when you look at the crystal and we read the information, the brain kicks in, the mind kicks in, and we almost have our own communication with the crystal happening. So, when you pay attention, when you buy crystals, you will see the folder, you will see the description, and then when you actually purchase, it’s almost like you have your own information. And I found that often people will receive the crystals and then they’re like, but I forgot what you, Olga, told us. And I’m like it’s okay, now I have print outs. So, you have your communication with the crystal and mine just in case. 

AB: Okay. And then you recommend, like this one you said, use in the bath. You recommend putting something else by the bedside. You recommend how it’s meant to be used in people’s lives. 

OS: Yes. I don’t recommend putting it in your bra, please. I don’t quite understand why people need to put it next to their body. I understand as a jewelry piece, but you put a crystal that can break in your bra, I don’t think it’s even a little bit safe. And also, I find crystals, if you actually want to use them for metaphysical purposes, you don’t need to carry them all the time because you want to preserve their energy. For example, amethyst. Really good to keep next to your bed at night if you don’t sleep very well. And I love the purple color. So, I have a little sample. You don’t need anything huge. It can be just a tiny little amethyst. Before you go to sleep, you hold it, and try to see what you perceive. Relax. If you don’t perceive anything, just look at it. Put it next to your bed, and go to sleep. The crystal will do its work. You just need to connect a little bit.

AB: Okay, so can we give people some advice on the different crystals they can use? So, let’s start with what you mentioned, that no one who’s bought a crystal from you has remained single. So, let’s start with love.

OS: Wow. Okay, you kind of got me on the spot here. Okay, for love, I recommend it’s a shape. I don’t recommend going blindly for all squares and just for some reason I don’t have the heart one here. Any heart-shaped crystal and then choose the color. Choose the crystal that talks to you. It can even be black tourmaline. I know people think like, oh, they’re not translucent, if it’s like black tourmaline or petrified wood, then it’s not going to work. It’s about connecting to your frequency. The heart symbolism is extremely powerful for us. So again, I recommend, this time, before we go to bed and when we wake up, for those people who are actually looking for a relationship, you pick up the heart and you put it close to your heart. Have I got two minutes just to say what they can do?

AB: Yeah, go ahead. 

OS: Okay. It’s really exciting. Get the heart. Imagine that that’s your soul mate. I’ll imagine this is my heart. Just a heart crystal. Okay. There are some… I’m going to imagine this is my soulmate’s heart and I’m going to put it next to my heart. Then I’ll close my eyes and I’ll imagine that our hearts are dancing together in a way. And it’s just to help you…you know how our DNA has to translate together? This is how I want you to imagine your hearts dancing. And then you have this good feeling. That’s it, don’t overdo it, disconnect. Put it next to your bed, go to sleep. And the same in the morning. Do the same. It’s like, okay darling, I wish you a good day. I’m going to get on with mine. That’s it.

AB: Okay, lovely. So, that was about the heart. Okay, so now tell me about something like focus and concentration. A lot of people are finding they’re not being able to focus because of the lockdown, because they’re working from home. Tell me about it.

OS: I am one of them. Don’t think just because I have crystals, I have a continuity of managing my energy. We can all get shaken out of it. So, just give yourself time, have your tantrum, then have a crystal. For concentration, any point. it’s not about the crystal again, it’s about the shape. Anything that’s kind of tall, and can be a cylinder, kind of, but pointy at the top.

AB: There’s a point at the top?

OS: Yes. Because we have a lot of symbolism, kind of imprinted in our brain cells. When we look at that, our mind straightaway has this concentration on the singularity. And keep it next to your table. Or I know during lockdown, many people spend their time in the kitchen. Then just keep it in the middle of your kitchen table so your eyes are constantly on, okay, what’s my goal? And then once you’re ready, don’t force yourself. Then only put the crystal next to the piece of paper and write— what can I do today?

AB: Okay. So, the next thing I’m going to ask you about is something that a lot of people are worried about? Again, because of the sort of year they’ve had, which is money. Because people have lost jobs, when I do Instagram lives…

OS: Green crystal. This time is all about the color. I don’t understand why, but we have this programming that money is associated with green. So, any green crystal, I don’t even mind. This time, this is probably the only time I’ll approve of colored crystals because we have a lot of them on the market at the moment. It’s fine, it’s okay.

AB: What do you mean this is the only time you’ll approve of color?

OS: I don’t like when crystals are interfered with their colors.

AB: So, when someone colors the crystal?

OS: Yeah.

AB: Okay.

OS: There are lots of girls [who do that]. People think it’s natural, like agate, for example, but they are not. It’s quite difficult to find this color in nature. And of course, I’m insinuating, it doesn’t have to be polished. It can be raw, it can be polished, whatever. It doesn’t matter. The only thing with money, we have an association with growth. 

AB: Right.

OS: We want money growing. Create a little area with your favorite plants that look healthy, not the plants that are actually blossoming or happy, and put these green crystals there and have a little meditation where you just closely, first look at your plants, and how they’re blossoming. Look at the crystal. If it helps you, put like a £5 note underneath or a £50 note underneath and close your eyes and just imagine that instead of the plant, your money is growing. I know this is very kind of wishy-washy, but pay attention. If we do this on such a relaxed subconscious level, when we play with it somewhat consciously as well, the subconscious mind is going to trigger our consciousness. Every time we have financial opportunities coming into our life and we’ll pay attention. For example, someone will call you, I have this opportunity. I’ve just started a business, let’s say, online. It works great for me. I need someone to help me. I’m willing to make you a partner. Would you join me? Normally you are depressed, but you don’t care because all you want to do is relax. But now that you’ve done this meditation, your brain is alert.

AB: What you’re saying is your subconscious mind and your conscious mind is sending out a very clear intent into the universe. 

OS: Yeah. And if you have this situation, when you have this business meeting, you bring that green crystal with you. You don’t have to take it out. Please don’t. We need to accept and respect other people’s perception. Maybe they’re not into crystals, but have it in your bag or your pocket, safely.

AB: And the last one, I’m going to ask you again, associated with all this anxiety that people have had, something for rest and recovery because of the sort of years people have had, what would you recommend? Which just calms people, makes them rest and recover.

OS: I would go for a selection, not one crystal but a couple. And if you could get a pink amethyst again, and anything that’s carnelian.

AB: And the last crystal I want to ask you about is something that I find a lot of people are asking about these days, and that’s ancestral healing. So how can you heal the pain of the generations before you?

OS: Candle Quartz, and Atlantean Lovestar, are famous for providing ancestral healing. Often with them, the ones that I choose from my shop, if you hold it, the work will start. It’s really strengthening. Get your box of tissues ready. It can be overwhelming. If it’s overwhelming, stop, take deep breaths and then see if you can already continue. If you are not, give into that too. Because with ancestral healing, I find it such a long-term deep work, because we need to do a lot of healing, basically.

AB: Right, okay. And given that, sort of you’ve been working with crystals for a while, right? And you can literally feel their energy, do they still manage to surprise you?

OS: Yes, I think mostly they surprise me when they give me completely crazy information. I had one crystal who said, I’m here to facilitate DNA repair. I have a scientific mind, I don’t accept this. Like my brain says, DNA repair, I was like, no. And it was very powerful, the message. I actually took a walk, because I cried, because I didn’t want to be a crazy person. And what I did, I kind of set an intention. If it’s true, if it’s like that, I want a confirmation or I’m not doing it, not putting it down in my listing description. I have a customer calling me saying, Olga, have you got something special? I’m looking for something, but I’m really embarrassed to say what it is. I was like, okay, let’s just play a game. So, here’s what this crystal said, DNA repair. And she was like, I want it. This is exactly what I need.

AB: Oh my God!

OS: And I have more like this. They’re crazier than saying.

AB: Amazing. And tell me, you know, when you get a crystal from somebody or you buy a crystal, how do you cleanse it of the previous energy? 

OS: Yes. So, people love smudging, like, burning essences around them, sound bowl, tuning fork, which is like the worst. Just don’t do anything. Trust that the crystal that you chose is because of the energy it already has inside. You can give it a quick wash in tub of water, put it in the sun for five to ten minutes just to kind of activate it and bring it back to life, and it’s ready.

AB: Okay, lovely. What is your advice, if any, to the followers?

OS: Trust your own intuition. And yes, I know in the beginning stage it’s a bit difficult because you’re like, oh, is it my imagination or is it my brain telling me. Just relax. If you are not sure which crystal to choose from, for example, write them both down and then compare how one makes you feel and how the other makes you feel. Don’t panic. Don’t try to purchase it straight away and get it just like that, take a breath and you’ll know.

AB: Okay, that’s lovely. How much do crystals cost?

OS: Okay, they can cost anything— from free of charge if you go to Cornwall— Cornwall spaces, very famous for finding crystals on the beach if you know how to look for them, to like 10s-1000s of pounds. And now crystals have become more mainstream. So, we have Bonhams, they making auctions, and one of the completely ordinary amethyst, which was uglier than this, but much bigger, got sold for like $20,000. 

AB: Oh, wow! Okay.

OS: It’s up to you how much you want to spend. 

AB: Right, okay. Do you need to have the uncut version or a cut stone? So, say, an amethyst that’s set in the ring? It doesn’t matter?

OS: No, it doesn’t matter. It’s what it does for you. I think if you have children in your family, I would go for a polished and cut [crystal] just for safety reasons. If you want to go for rock crystals, I do have followers who just exclusively buy rock crystals. Make sure they are somewhere safe from your pets as well. I find animals get really attracted sometimes to particular crystals. 

AB: Okay. And tell me, can you present a crystal to someone else?

OS: Yeah.

AB: Because is that okay? So, if you bought a crystal for yourself and then you feel like it’ll benefit someone else, can you do that?

OS: Yes. This is exactly when you’re actually embracing your humanity, not just body and mind, but with your spiritual self. It’s almost like you were a conduit. You weren’t the person actually meant to have the crystal, but you wouldn’t know that. You wouldn’t buy it otherwise. And then when the crystal worked out, this is the person I was looking for, you give it. It’s almost enhancing the energy of the crystal. It’s amazing.

AB: And when you meet people, can you tell what crystal they need? Because now you have so much experience working with them.

OS: I suggest several. I always allow room for a person to choose. I don’t feel I can dictate that, because even if I know which crystal is right for them, they may not be ready to work with.

AB: I see. Okay. And also, sometimes people say that, oh, this didn’t suit me. Have you had situations where people have bought crystals and then wanted to return them because it hasn’t worked for them?

OS: No, I never had that. 

AB: Oh, wow. Okay.

OS: I had one interesting situation. A month back, a regular customer bought a crystal. I asked, are you sure you bought this crystal? Because it just felt really out of order for her. Then she received it, and she said, okay, I received the wrong crystal. So, we went through the records. She received the correct crystals. I did say to her, I told you about it. And she said, okay. And then a couple of weeks later, she said the crystal connected to her. There was a lesson she was meant to learn from the crystal.

AB: Oh, wow. That’s amazing. And with that, Olga, I mean, if there’s no more questions, I would like to thank you so much for giving us all the information. 

OS: Thank you. Bye.

AB: Thank you. Bye-bye. Thanks for joining. Hope you enjoyed the Wellness Curated podcast. Please subscribe and tell your friends and family about it. And here’s to you leading your best life.