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Picture of Dr. Anil Sharma

Dr. Anil Sharma

Dr. Anil Sharma is a Neuro Therapist and practices Yogic Neuro Therapy. He received his PhD in Alternative Medicines from Indian Institute of Alternative Medicines Kolkata, India.

He has been practicing the therapy in the UK for over 20 years. He treats over 10,000 patients in the UK and over 15,000 outside the UK. Globally, he has treated patients in India, UAE, Jordan, Kenya, USA, Canada and some countries in Europe.

Dr. Sharma has successfully treated many patients with chronic illnesses. His list of patients also include some famous celebrities, industrialists, politicians and members of the Royal Family in the Middle East.

Dr Sharma has helped a number of people sort out long COVID and also other auto immune disorders that orthodox medicine doesn’t have a solution for.

Therapies offered: Yogic neuro therapy, acupressure

Name and country of organisations registered with: Complimentary Medical Association (UK)

Conditions treated: Arthritis (joints pain), spondylitis, slip disk (back pain), gout, asthma, migraine, sinus, hay fever, facial hairs, periods problems, auto immune disorders, allergies, stomach and liver problems, colitis, any chronic problems, impotency

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