Dr. Devanshi Kapadia

Dr. Devanshi Kapadia

Dr. Devanshi T. Kapadia is an experienced alternate practitioner with qualifications in Clinical hypnotherapy (CHII EKAA, India), Transpersonal Regression Therapy (TASSO, Netherlands) Systemic Constellations (Bert Hellinger, Germany), Integrated Inner Child Program (Trisha Caeteno), Kinesiology Practitioner, Graphology and Graphotherapy (India), The Reconnection (Eric Pearl, Prague), Journey Practitioner (Brandon Bays, U.K.), Diploma in Shamanic Studies (Kevin Turner, FSS, USA), Diploma in Pythagorean Numerology (Mumbai, India), Tarot Card Reading & Angel Cards Reading (Sedona, USA) and Crystal Healing (India). She has completed her homeopathic medicine and surgery from Homeopathic College, Mumbai in 2008. She has been an international faculty for TASS0 School of Regression Therapy, Netherlands and is presently teaching the curriculum in Dubai, Hongkong & Nairobi. She has practiced internationally in Japan (since 2014), London (since 2013), Hongkong (since 2016), Dubai (since 2016), Singapore (since 2016), Nairobi (since 2014), Bahrain (since 2018), Nigeria (since 2019) and within India in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and Pune. Her hobbies include travelling and watching movies. Dr. Devanshi's soul purpose is to spread awareness and benefits of non-medicinal modalities to all cultures, all countries, all faiths, all nationalities, all age groups.

Dr Devanshi Kapadia has mastered a number of these healing modalities which are rare and not easy to master like Family constellation therapy, Signature and handwriting analysis.

Therapies offered: Crystal healing solutions, family and organizational constellations, graphology and graphotherapy, integrated inner child therapy, journey healing, pythagorean numerology, shamanic healing, the reconnection healing, transpersonal regression therapy

Contact Email: purposeworld1234@gmail.com, drdevanshitkapadia@gmail.com