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Embracing Stoicism in Modern Life | Wellness Curated

Join us for a captivating episode of the Wellness Curated podcast, part of our series ‘Lessons from Ancient Philosophies.’ Our host, Anshu Bahanda, explores Stoicism, a philosophy that teaches resilience and emotional intelligence by controlling our reactions to life’s challenges.

In this episode, our guest, Professor Jennifer Baker from the College of Charleston, US, shares her expertise on Stoicism, debunking common myths, and explains the true essence of this ancient wisdom. The episode starts with an engaging scenario: a citywide blackout disrupting your daily routine. Anshu and Professor Baker discuss how a Stoic would approach this situation. Baker also explores the concept of ‘amor fati’—the love of one’s fate—and ‘logos,’ the rational principle governing the universe. She shares historical anecdotes, which demonstrate the timeless relevance of Stoic principles.

Tune into this episode of Wellness Curated to learn how the ancient philosophy of Stoicism can help you manage stress and build resilience. Whether you’re seeking calm in chaos or a stronger mindset, this episode is packed with valuable lessons and actionable insights for integrating Stoic teachings into your daily life.

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