Podcast 12
Shakiba Rangoonwala

Shakiba Rangoonwala was practicing to be a medical doctor and then decided to study nutrition, homeopathy and bioresonance. Her medical background makes her approach really scientific and research based. She’s a powerhouse of knowledge! Her expertise in the above areas combined with her desire to help people with their health and wellness issues makes me really resonate with what she does. Bioresonance is a relatively new concept in health and wellness assessment and enhancement. I have been getting bioresonance done for 15 years now – never took it 100% seriously since I was a little bit skeptical about it. And then recently, someone I know, had extensive health tests done. After all the results came, they went to our gorgeous practitioner – Shakiba Rangoonwala, and tried out her bioresonance machine, and all the results that they had gotten through extensive testing and costs, were given by this bioresonance machine in less than 5 minutes and at a fraction of the cost – under the expert eye of Shakiba! I heard this from the client themselves. Come and hear Shakiba and the Asyra machine weave their magic!