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Podcast 46
Nutrition for Immunity
Anthony Haynes

Antony Haynes has been in private practice for over 29 years and is one of the most experienced Registered Nutritional Therapists in the UK. He is one of the first practitioners to implement the principles of Functional Medicine in the UK, since 1992.

Antony has seen over 18,000 clients and has also been teaching nutrition students for 28 years. Over the past decade, Antony has focused much of his clinical & research time to addressing immune issues.

Antony is also a successful, award-winning author of two books on nutrition, The Insulin Factor (published in the UK 2004 and in the USA) and The Food Intolerance Bible (published in the UK 2005 and in Taiwan & Romania), and has appeared on television and radio.

In March 2011 Antony was awarded the prestigious CAM Magazine Award for “Outstanding Practice” for his many years of educating, inspiring, motivating and helping practitioners and patients.