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Podcast 51
Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, fearful
Jaidip khurana

With the pandemic and the resulting disruption, now more than ever we are required to be resilient, connected and empathetic.

It is not unusual to feel Anxious, Fearful, Overwhelmed or Uncertain. It is how we manage our responses that matter.

Anxiety is a physiological response to a threat and a symptom of inflammation. Threat (including our thoughts and emotions) fires up our immune system and cytokines. Neuroscience has shown us that our thoughts and emotions are processed by our brain in the same way as a physical threat. By reducing or resolving stress and anxiety you lower levels of inflammation, thereby allowing your immune system to function better. 

Jaidip is a leadership coach working independently and with the Asian Leadership Institute, Chiang Mai. Jaidip combines his in-depth understanding of the corporate world with a holistic approach to leadership transformation. Over the last ten years he has coached senior executives, entrepreneurs and teams across India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, UK and the US.

He has extensive corporate experience and understands the skills needed to work and excel in stressful, uncertain and ever changing environments across diverse cultures, having spent 20 years successfully in investment banking in London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

He has an MBA from Insead, France, graduating with distinction and he completed his BCom (Hons) from SRCC, Delhi University. Jaidip is a dedicated student of Vedanta practicing living a holistic and whole hearted life.