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Podcast 63
Solve your Sleep Issues – Teach Yourself to Sleep
Kate Mikhail

Kate Mikhail is a London-based author, sleep expert and journalist, who has written a wide range of features and reviews for the Guardian, Observer, Telegraph and Independent newspapers, as well as for many other publications.

After decades of not being able to get to sleep easily at night, a chance reading of a book by her great-great uncle, Richard Waters, a pioneer in cognitive therapy and clinical hypnosis, led to the discovery that she was officially a chronic insomniac. A love of research, science and a fascination in the mind-body loop, drove Kate to find scientific answers for why sleep can be such a problem for so many people in the 21st century, and what can be done to put this right.

Kate is now an ex-chronic insomniac, thanks to researching her book, Teach Yourself to Sleep, in which she explores the biology and science of sleep and how to look at sleep from a different perspective to improve the quality of sleep, health and wellbeing.

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