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Podcast 9
Hormones, PCOS, Menopause & Fertility
Dr. Sepp Fegerl Jr.

We have Dr. Sepp Fegerl with us again today to discuss all the issues and questions on hormones and hormone-related items that remained from our last chat with him. Dr. Sepp Fegerl Jr. studied medicine at Karl-Franzens-University of Graz (Austria). With his mentor Dr. Fegerl senior, Sepp directed a center for holistic medicine near Salzburg. Since 2015 he’s at the Vivamayr in Altausse (Austria) which is a medical spa. Modern Mayr Medicine is based on the integration of holistic (homotoxicology micro immune therapy, orthomolecular medicine, traditional chinese medicine and applied kinesiology) with conventional medicine with a holistic view of the human being.
I’ve been going to the mayr clinics for the last 13 years now. I’ve worked with dr Sepp fegerl for 5-6 years now. Being someone who grew up with ayurveda and the importance of digestion in our lives, The viva mayr form of treatment makes a lot of sense to me.