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Picture of Geetu Anand

Geetu Anand

Geetu Anand has been awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science with Upper Second Class Honours in Homeopathy from Middlesex University, London. She graduated from the Centre for Homeopathic Education and is now a registered clinical member of The Society of Homeopaths. She came to understand homeopathy first as a source of effective treatment for myself and my family. She has personally benefited from homeopathy for PCOS and anxiety. Time and again, my family has experienced the healing powers of homeopathy for hives, UTIs, conditions experienced by growing children such as acne, exam phobias and anxiety, temperamental mood swings and every day acute conditions such as colds, coughs, flu and stomach upsets. She is passionate about the gift to wellbeing that homeopathy provides, and it is personally fulfilling to help her patients in achieving good health in a gentle and supporting way. She is committed to continuously developing her knowledge of homeopathy and attend regular seminars held in Greece by Professor George Vithoulkas at theÊInternational Academy of Classical Homeopathy. Her work in homeopathy has involved treating patients with a broad spectrum of illnesses such as anxiety, bereavement, sleep problems, IBS, hay fever, sore throats, chest infections, skin complaints, migraines, as well as menopause and menstrual disorders.

Therapies offered: Homeopathy

Name and country of organisations registered with: Society of Homeopaths (UK)

Conditions treated: Ear infection, acne, dysmenorrhea, febrile convulsions, anxiety, indigestion, silent reflux, build immunity, glue ear, chesty cold, cough, eczema and food intolerance

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