Goddess Healing

As per Hinduism, Adi-Shakti or the Divine Mother gave birth to the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva or Father, Son & The Holy Spirit, The entire Cosmos is her Creation and her Playground. All our emotions are her energies in manifestations. It is also through devotion to the Goddess that we attain enlightenment, whether we are aware of it or not.

We all have Masculine & Feminine energies within us irrespective of our gender, when they are balanced life is good and we can easily navigate situations in our life, however when we are unbalanced within ourselves, we project these distorted energies to our outer environment which can be a cause of misunderstandings and sufferings.

Understanding these Goddess energies in relation to how we relate to them and as an aspect of our own personalities thus uncovering the shadow / wounded aspects of ourselves and loving these aspects we heal & bring balance to our inner being. It helps us understand others better and helps us give space to them for their own growth and healing.

This is a beautiful practice of understanding these Goddess Energies and how they are an active part of our very being. How we can invoke these energies in our daily life to overcome obstacles.

We will cover most forms of the Goddess energies and how they relate to the Goddess culture across all sphere’s –Those of Mother Mary / Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Black Madonna, & understanding of the Maiden-Mother-Crone energies.

Every Friday in our ‘Goddess Healing Circles’ we will discover a different aspect of the Goddess within us.

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