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Anshu Bahanda: This is Anshu Bahanda on Wellness Curated. Thanks for joining me on this podcast. My mission is to empower you with health and wellness so that you can then go and empower others. Welcome to the chat Geetu.

Geetu Anand: Thank you. Thank you. A pleasure to be here. 

AB: Thank you. Now, Geetu, will you tell us what wellness is to you?

GA: Wellness is when your mental, emotional, and physical self is flowing in harmony. The energies are flowing in harmony without any limitations. No outside influences can bring about an imbalance. That’s wellness to me. A difficult place to achieve, but it’s possible.

AB: Lovely. That’s lovely. Now, can you explain how homeopathy works? Because I know there’s been lots of questions about how it can work because a lot of doctors don’t believe in it. So will you tell us about it?

GA: Right, homeopathy has a very holistic approach. It takes the whole person into consideration, rather than just having a minimal approach to that one part of your body. For example, if your kidneys aren’t functioning properly or if you’ve got an earache, it will not just take your ear into concentration, it takes you as a whole. So it takes your symptoms, the effect of the symptoms and, your total, overall general health before prescribing a remedy. The remedy is prescribed on the principles (law) of similars… like cures like.

For example, if you have coffee in very large doses, you can get symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. Now the same coffee prepared as a homeopathic remedy can then help you relieve these symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness. Of course, it’s a very complicated prescription. This is just a very basic view of it.

AB: Basically, what you’re saying is that it’s the energy of the medicine that works with the energy of somebody?

GA: Yes.

AB: Okay, lovely. Now, what scientific research has there been to prove that homeopathy works?

GA: Well, there is a lot of scientific research out there. You will find a lot on the website of the Faculty of Homeopathy, the British Homeopathic Organization, and as well as the Society of Homeopaths. Lots of high-standard clinical trials have been done to prove the efficacy of homeopathy. There is a very recent paper that’s been published as well, showing the subatomic working of homeopathic remedies. As we said, it’s an energy-based medicine. So how does energy work at a subatomic level? There is a paper that’s recently been published on that as well.

Homeopathy has shown very good results for conditions such as allergies and upper respiratory tract infections. And the clinical trials are of a very high standard to prove the efficacy of homeopathy in these conditions and of course, many more. But this is what you will find on the websites I suggested.

AB: Thank you. Now, coming on to, sort of the topic of today, how can homeopathy help us with immunity and what remedies do you recommend for that?

GA: So, homeopathy has a very remarkable approach to health. It does not use chemicals to suppress or help with the action of the symptoms that you’re presenting. It basically triggers off your body’s ability to heal itself. It’s like it’s stimulating your immune system by doing so. What happens is when your immune system gets stimulated by the remedies, it wakes your immune system up if it’s sleeping. And when that stimulation happens and the cure happens, your immune system then gets strengthened. So when the disease or the stage of illness does happen again, your immune system can deal with it better.

AB: Okay, so now what are you recommending to people these days… where I’m sure you’re getting lots of people coming to you and saying, help us, we’re scared about catching COVID or the flu, and it’ll weaken our immune system. So, how are you dealing with all these questions?

GA: Anshu with homeopathy, it’s not the case that one glove fits all. Everybody has a very individualized remedy. If you remember, you called me up earlier this year in April for your friend with COVID, and you said, Geetu, I need this remedy, Camphora. It’s highly recommended by a homeopath. And I said, I have to give it to you, but that’s not how homeopathy works. We need to understand the symptoms of the person.

AB: And I am glad that I listened to you that time, because I know you turned her and her daughter around overnight with your medicines.

GA: So, it wasn’t Camphora that she needed. She needed a remedy like phosphorus, and her daughter needed something like Gelsemium. I have had a patient who did need Camphora, but her symptoms were very much like Camphora. So it’s just working on the symptoms. Every person is different. It’s not like, oh, this is one remedy, everybody takes it and you’re going to be okay. That’s not how homeopathy works. But to strengthen your immunity at this point, I would say to use Echinacea herbal drops. I’m a very big advocate of it.

AB: Okay.

GA: And the other thing is vitamin C, but the fat-soluble vitamin C, which helps build your immune system, especially at this time of the year.

AB: Okay, so those are the two you’re recommending. You’re saying Echinacea.

GA: And vitamin C, fat soluble vitamin C.

AB: Okay, that’s fine. And now tell me, how would you recommend helping people cope with lockdown issues, whether it’s fears or anxieties? Is there anything general like this that you could recommend for them?

GA: Well, as you know, there’s a lot of uncertainty with the lockdown and a lot of fear and anxiety because of the lockdown. Again, in terms of homeopathy, I would not recommend anything, but just as a general help, my favorite to go has been Passiflora herbal drops, which help calm your nerves down. I’ve used it with my family for the past 15-20 years, where if somebody is having issues, they can’t sleep well, they take some Passiflora, you sleep better. Somebody has got exam anxiety, I say take some Passiflora, you’ll calm down and you’ll be able to study better. So, it’s more of a calming remedy. It has a calming effect. So that’s been my favorite [remedy] to deal with anxiety. And of course, the Bach Flower Rescue remedy is also another one of my favorites.

AB: I love Bach Flower Rescue. But Passiflora is new to me, so that’s good to know. So would you recommend you can give it to any age group, little ones as well?

GA: In my experience, yes.

AB: Okay, fabulous. Now, when my kids were growing up, I had this Helios [homeopathy] kit and I would never travel without it. And it was very helpful. Two bits. One, what do you recommend… like people with young children or even people when they’re traveling, would you recommend they carry that Helios skit with them?

GA: Yes, I highly recommend that. It’s a good box to have in your first aid cabinet. And in fact, that’s all I had initially when I started studying homeopathy— was a Helios kit. Now I have my whole cabinet of remedies. So that’s different. So, I highly recommend that for everybody of all age groups— for children, the elderly, and pregnant mums. It’s a very good first-aid kid to have at home and carry with you. 

AB: And in this lockdown time… Even if you put it at home, even when you’re not traveling, it’s very useful to have.

GA: Yes. Agree.

AB: Okay. My next question is about the sort of cold, cough, flu, which is happening to a few people. What would you recommend one takes for those? Again, I know you say it’s personal, but…

GA: It’s very personal, but if it’s just an acute case of the cold or cough, which has just happened one-off, then your homeopathic kits will have the remedy in there and the indication of the use as well. So, most people love Aconite as a first-aid to catching a cold. Belladonna is some people’s favorite as well. Again, I tell my clients, use the kits, they’re great…but do consult a homeopath or consult me when you see the problem arising again and again. That means there’s something underlying that needs to be addressed. Why have you inherited the weakness of a cold and cough, even if it’s seasonal. Why that needs to be addressed? Again, my favorite is Echinacea and vitamin C to deal with it. To start with, not at a homeopathic level with homeopathy individualized, but some of the main indicated remedies are Pulsatilla, Belladonna, Aconite… Hepar Sulph is a very big remedy. It’s called the antibiotic of homeopathy. Again, it’s….

AB: Hepa? Which one… Hepar Sulph?

GA: Yes. But as I said, again, I will repeat myself, it’s very individualised. 

AB: And the other thing is, again, for cuts and grazes, when you and I were talking, I found that Calendula thing, it is miraculous. I don’t know what you’d recommend

GA: I agree. That’s my first one, I would go for Calendula.

AB: We all get cuts and grazes. Our kids get cuts and graze. So isn’t that a miracle worker?

GA: Absolute miracle. Amazing. For post-surgery, as well, just to clean up the area. A few drops of Calendula and water helps with healing. And Arnica is another very good one because it helps with bruising. Even if you’ve got a cut and a graze, if there’s bruising around that, Arnica really helps with that. It’s a very good first-aid remedy. Arnica is good for parents with young children because they’re always knocking their heads, and falling down, it prevents that clot. We are concerned with young children knocking their heads.

AB: Even I think parents with older kids because some of them play football and some of them play sports where they get hurt.

GA: Oh, yes.

AB: And then Geetu, there’s one question which comes up time and time again in a lot of the Instagram lives. Can you recommend something generic for people, for indigestion and acidity, even if it’s something people can try before they go to a homeopath?

GA: Milk Thistle.

AB: Okay.

GA: Milk Thistle, again, is a herbal remedy. I’m not a herbalist, but this is something that I can easily recommend without having to worry about that. It’s amazing. I’ve had very good results by just telling my patients to get started with Milk Thistle where I see a liver weakness or a liver imbalance 

AB: It’s a drop, isn’t it?

GA: It comes in tablet forms as well. But I love the drops. I absolutely love the herbal drops. I find them more potent than the tablets.

AB: Right, okay. And what about body pains, which is happening to lots of people at the moment? Again, I don’t know why.

GA: If it’s because of an excessive workout then Arnica is one of the first remedies to think of. I think most of you probably have Arnica in your cabinets as a gel or as a tablet. That’s one of the first remedies to think of. The others would be… homeopathy-wise Rhus tox, which helps with joint pains. It’s one of the remedies mainly prescribed for arthritic pains as well.

AB: Okay, that’s good to know because a lot of us have sort of older parents.

GA: Again, I would say you have to consult a homeopath before you start taking any remedy. Especially if it’s a chronic condition, there are more underlying [issues] for you to have reached that state of imbalance. So it’s better to address that, rather than just what you’re presented with.

AB: Okay, and what about constipation?

GA: Constipation, in my view, is more of a chronic issue. I would say, yes, have a fibrous diet, and have a healthy lifestyle, but in terms of remedy, you need a proper homeopathic consultation for constipation. There is a remedy like Nux vomica…

AB: I was just going to ask you about Nux vomica as a one-off.

GA: As a one-off, if it works for you, it’s great. But constipation can be a chronic problem for many people, in my experience.

AB: Okay, and what are your thoughts on menstrual issues? And on menopause, because I know we should probably at some stage do a whole Instagram Live about menopause. But tell us what you think. How can we help people with that?

GA: Well, I’ve had amazing success treating young girls with menstrual issues. They have had really bad period pains, very heavy bleeding, being prescribed medication by the GP such as Mefenamic acid, and sometimes I’ve been told to go on the contraceptive pill to manage the pains.

AB: I’ve heard that as well.

GA: Being under my treatment for two to three months, they’ve come off everything, and they’re very happy. You know, there’s no looking back. It’s like, oh, my God, you’re free. Menstrual issues and menopause is not something women are born to suffer with. It’s a part of you. You have to enjoy it rather than think, oh, my God, another cycle is coming up. Oh, my God, I’m going to hit menopause soon. That’s not the case. Menopause is the next stage of your life. Embrace it rather than worrying about it. I have again helped many patients with their menopause issues. They talk about the seven witches of menopause. I don’t believe in that. It’s not meant to be. If you’re going through menopause, you’re going into the next stage of your life.

AB: I’ve never heard anyone say enjoy it, so that’s something very different. It’s nice to hear you say that. No one’s ever said you’re meant to enjoy it.

GA: Yes, you are. We weren’t born to go through discomfort. It’s not a punishment. It’s the next phase of life, and we [should] embrace it.

AB: Would you recommend that people come to you before to prepare for it? Or go to a homeopath? Or would you recommend to start taking A, B, C? Or how would you recommend people prepare for it?

GA: Well, with homeopathy, the way I prescribe homeopathy… Many homeopaths work in different ways. The way I prescribe and the way I work with homeopathy is depending on the presenting symptoms.

AB: Okay.

GA: So, what you present with, I will treat you for. If you say, help me, I’m going to hit menopause, and I might have this and I might have that, I can’t prescribe based on that. I would say, okay, take Milk Thistle, support your liver. But homoeopathically, the remedy is prescribed on the presenting symptoms.

AB: You’re also saying, if you manage to keep the body in balance, then everything stays in balance. Which is what…Whether you’re saying that, whether I read Chinese medicine, all our ancient forms of medicine say that.

GA: Yes. Absolutely, yeah.

AB: It’s about sort of a lifestyle of keeping your body in balance— whether it means going to someone like you for whatever the issues are.

GA: Whatever. And even if it’s a small issue, the smallest of issues, if you have a holistic approach to it, a natural approach to it, it’s not going to become a big issue. If you’ve dealt with something very small at that point, you’ve taken the illness straight away from its root. But if you ignore it and let the roots get deeper and deeper, then it’s going to take a longer time to help you with the problem.

AB: Okay. Can you cure hypothyroidism through homeopathy?

GA: I have actually helped one. She’s probably logged in. I hope she’s logged in. But I did help her with her hypothyroidism. Yes.

AB: And she didn’t have to go on to conventional medicines or she was on conventional medicines?

GA: She was on conventional medicines, and she wanted to give homeopathy a try. And I think she came off her conventional medicines within a few months.

AB: Fabulous. Thank you so much. That was such an amazing call. Thank you. I hope you found it useful.  

GA: Thank you, Anshu, very much. I’m glad I could help.

AB: Thank you, Geetu. Lots of love. Bye- bye. 

Thanks for joining us. Hope you enjoyed the Wellness Curated podcast. Please subscribe and tell your friends and family about it. And here’s to you leading your best life.