How your Consciousness Affects your Career

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Anshu Bahanda: This is Anshu Bahanda on Wellness Curated. Thanks for joining me on this podcast. My mission is to empower you with health and wellness so that you can then go and empower others.

Leena Thadani is a healer and she’s also a business genie, as she says. And she is actually someone who’s very unique because she will talk to the consciousness of your business. And she’s worked with people on this across the globe and in multiple industries. And here’s hoping that we can help transform your lives today a little bit.

Hi Leena, I’m delighted that you’re here with us today. So we will start with what is wellness to you?

Leela Thadani: So, wellness is actually not something so complicated. Wellness is actually our birthright. It’s just feeling so relaxed and enjoying yourself in your body and being here on this planet, having joy and enthusiasm to just do whatever it is that you’re doing in your life. So, it’s actually just waking up excited in the morning and just enjoying what you do.

AB: Interesting.

LT: That is wellness. That emotional and mental state of just being happy with who you are, how you are, and doing what you do.

AB: I’ve never had anyone say to me before that wellness is our birthright. I love that.

LT: It is. We’re born with wellness. We’re born feeling good, right?

AB: Yes. Now tell me, so when did you first notice that you have special powers, that you can read people, that you’re psychic?

LT: So, as a child, my favorite thing to do was to read books about magic and to do magic shows for my sister and my younger brother. And that is what I did. And then I used to sort of hear things, see things, and I used to get scared, like the dark really used to scare me. And I would tell my mom about it, but she would just be like, “it’s your imagination and don’t watch horror movies” and stuff like that. So, I think I sort of suppressed it. So, I think as a child I did have superpowers, as you would call it, but I think I repressed it and suppressed it. And then in 2006, I sort of felt this invisible hand pushing me to paint. And I didn’t know anything about painting, and I just started painting. And I think a lot of my abilities opened up through my artwork. Because I was painting unusual stuff.

AB: Interesting. So, you think you were channeling something through the painting…

LT: Definitely channeling because I have never painted before in my life. So, it was almost like I had stepped into a different version of myself. So, it was almost like I knew what I was doing, but I didn’t really know. And then in 2016, I had, like, a full-blown awakening. So, I wouldn’t say it was almost like a rude awakening because you just sort of wake up and you don’t know what’s happening to you. And so, there was a lot of confusion because I was hearing stuff, seeing stuff, talking to different beings. I had, like, angels coming in. I was reading people’s thoughts and emotions. Like, we’d go to a restaurant, and I would know what my friends wanted to order before they could order it.

AB: Oh goodness.

LT: So, I had all this crazy stuff happening, and I seriously thought I was going insane. And then I started looking into it, and then I started actually getting into healing and reading stuff and going to different classes and meeting different people who also had similar experiences to me. And that’s how I got into the whole thing.

AB: Okay, lovely. And I’m so glad you did.

LT: I’m so glad I did too.

AB: So, Leena tell me, what is consciousness to you?

LT: So, consciousness to me is the form of all substances. It is actually this creative force that we are directing with our thoughts and emotions, and we are actually creating our reality with this. And we’ve never been taught this, and even I was never taught this. It’s just that when I started observing myself, I started observing myself so closely, like a cockroach under a microscope, literally. And then I would notice that, okay, I’m having this thought, and this is how it’s getting created for me. And then I started noticing that the thought was getting created, but the experience of that was based on what I was feeling. If I had, say, a thought like, I want to go somewhere, and I was feeling like, oh, my gosh, I’m not going to get parking, and it’s going to be a mess, and it’s going to be exactly what was getting created for me. I’d go there and there’d be no parking, and somebody would bang into my car. So, this is how consciousness started showing up for me— as the stuff that I’m using to create my reality. And then I started realizing that this Law of Attraction is only half the story, because everything that you read about the Law of Attraction or what people are teaching about manifestation is only half the story because you are attracting into your reality whatever you’re attracting, but you’re attracting it based on what it is you are creating. So, you are actually attracting into your reality what you create. So that’s how it sort of unraveled for me, the whole consciousness thing.

AB: So then tell me, how does consciousness affect… How does our consciousness affect our careers and our businesses? Can you explain it to us in a way that everyone will understand?

LT: Yes. So, from all the sessions that I’ve done after talking to, I don’t know, 300 and maybe 400 bodies and different businesses, what I’ve noticed is, generally what is going on in your career or your business is also happening in other areas of your life, because that’s your level of consciousness that plays out in every area of your life. But because career is so important to people, they will notice it only in that area. Now, for somebody who doesn’t have a career, they will notice it in their marriage or in some friendships. So, this is how it is. So, your consciousness plays out in every area of your life, but the area in which you will notice it is what is bothering you the most or what you have given priority over the other areas of your life.

AB: And where you spend most time, I guess.

LT: Yes.

AB: So now tell me, the session that we did together, you were talking directly to my business or to my career. So, how does that work? What is the process that you go through?

LT: So, it’s really interesting. So, for me, it’s like how I’m talking to you, I communicate with your business or your career the same way. So, for me, literally, it’s like they’re speaking a language that I understand. It’s like they’re talking to me in vibration, and I’m translating it for you in English. It’s so interesting for me because now I’ve been doing it for so long, it’s like second nature. So, I still get awed by the answers and the replies that I get, because some of the solutions are beyond my mind. I could never come up with them. And I’m talking to businesses like stuff that I know nothing about. Like, I’ve done sessions for doctors, I’ve done sessions for somebody who had a trucking company, I’ve done sessions for somebody who had a fintech company. And I know nothing about these things. So, the solutions that come out are super interesting to me.

AB: Right. And tell me, but then you said it comes to you in a vibration. So, say I ask a question and you get the answer as a vibration in your head… 

LT: No. So, I literally feel it in my heart. So, it’s not even like intuition. I cannot explain this because it’s almost like for me, it’s like a whole language. So, it’s like how we speak English, it’s like that. 

AB: Right. So, tell me, what kind of progress have people made after their sessions with you?

LT: So, it depends on whether they follow what their business asks them to do. I’ve had somebody who came to me for a session eight months ago, and he was making like a crore and something a month, and he said, my aim is to double it in six months. And his business said no. Go 10x.

AB: Oh, my God.

LT: And eight months later, he booked another session with me because he said, I want to celebrate and do another session with you because I’ve just crossed the ten-crore mark.

AB: Oh, my God. That’s amazing.

LT: So, he was one of the few clients who has actually implemented word for word exactly what his business had asked him. So he pretty much was on that timeline where the outcome was that much.

AB: Wow. Incredible.

LT: Yeah, that was really lovely. That was wonderful.

AB: And was that just one session?

LT: So, he’s actually done three sessions with me over a span of almost two and a half years.

AB: Okay, fascinating. And normally how many sessions do you recommend people do with you?

LT: So, my expectation is that they should benefit from one session. Because there’s a lot of energetic change that comes through as well— just from the words that I use and just from the healing frequencies in my voice. So, I never tell anybody, you have to do these many sessions for me because I’m expecting that much change to be created for them in just one session. But if they feel… or sometimes the business asks for a follow-up session in like three, four months or in six months or next year. So generally, I just ask the business and sometimes the business says it’s not required. So many times, women actually want me to do a session with their husbands and the business says it’s not required. So, then I just tell them.

AB: And tell us about the healing frequencies you’re talking about. You said something about the healing frequencies in your voice when you’re doing a session.

LT: So, there are some of us here on Earth who are frequency holders, and we are able to hold the higher light frequencies that are coming in and then sort of we just radiate it. So, I don’t know how it’s done, but this is what I’ve been told and I’ve actually tested and tried it and done a lot of experiments with it, so it’s interesting.

AB: Okay. Wow. Fascinating. Can you give us some tools and techniques?

LT: So yeah, I would actually like to share some stuff that I’ve been doing for myself that’s really working. One is balancing both sides of our brain, so we’re using the logical, analytical side and we’re using a creative brain as well. So, this is extremely useful in business because you actually need both. If you don’t have good ideas, which is the creativity path, what are you going to execute? You’re just executing the same old stuff and then that gets boring. So, to balance out both sides of the brain, there are a couple of things that you can do. One is Pranayama, which is really helpful, breathwork, but I don’t do it all the time because it’s painful and it takes time. So, what I do is almost like a shortcut method. So, I’ll just sit quietly for five minutes, and I just close my eyes and I sort of visualize like a ball of light just going from one side of my head to the other, like from the left side of my brain to the right. And I just sort of visualize it almost like a computer game. And I just visualize that ball of light just touching different areas of my brain and just seeing it light up. This sort of actually activates new neurons in the brain because I can actually feel it. So, I’m not talking about the scientific medical point of view. I’m talking about what I sense when I do it. And I can sometimes see my brain lighting up, and sometimes I can sense it. This is something simple that anybody can do. You can even make your children do it. So, you just visualize like a ping-pong ball of light going from one side of the brain to the other and touching different areas of the brain. So that really helps. And you’ll see a change in, like, within two days. You’ll start having all these ideas being downloaded and stuff. It’s fun.

AB: Wow. Okay, thank you. That’s useful. And like you said, it’s fun to even do with kids.

LT: Yes. And you can do it anywhere, right? If you’re stuck in traffic or you’re waiting for your Uber or something like that, you can do it anywhere.

AB: Great. And Leena, lastly, do you have any advice?

LT: Yes, I want to actually say something about money here. Session after session that I do, people come to me and they’re really stressed out about money. And there’s this emotional charge that’s attached to money. I had a client who every time I would say the word money, she would actually stop breathing. So, there was trauma attached to the word money. So, I actually want people to play around with different words, like use money. I mean, say the word money, just repeat it. Repeat the word cash, repeat the word dough, like different words for money, and start using the word which has less of an emotional charge for you. So, this is something that people, every person, will have to notice for themselves. And then use the word that will help them the most, which doesn’t have that emotional traumatic charge to it.

And another thing about money I would like to tell people is that everybody enjoys it when they’re receiving money, but they have these, like, really negative thoughts about spending money. They always feel like when they spend money, the other person is benefiting. So, I just like to tell everybody that when you receive money, it is benefiting you, and when you spend money, enjoy it because that is also benefiting you. Either you’re getting a service or you’re getting electricity or you’re getting a ride. If you pay for a cab. Even when you spend, money is benefiting you.

AB: That’s very powerful. Leena, we actually did a session some time ago on money because I find you’re absolutely right. It’s such an issue with people, and I think a lot of us probably don’t even recognize that it’s an issue.

LT: No, and it’s not people’s fault. You see, it’s just something that we inherit from society and parents, because we’ve been through those circumstances. Many of us have had parents who come from countries where they didn’t have money. They’ve actually left their homes and everything and come, but I mean, it’s our responsibility to recognize that and change it because money does not have to be traumatic.

AB : Can you recommend something that people can use to help deal with it?

LT: Well, I can tell you what makes you more money. Having fun makes you more money. So, for me, my art, I don’t sell my art anymore. I just created [them] for the sheer joy of creating art, and I just put it up on Instagram, on my social media. But that actually creates money for me because I’m so joyful just doing that little piece of art. Now I’m doing digital art. So, it’s literally like two inches by three inches that creates so much joy that then goes into everything else that I’m doing. Now art is something that you have to be fully present with. If you’re coloring or drawing— your full attention is there so you’re fully present in that moment. So, there’s no worry or stress or anxiety because these are all emotions of the future. In that moment, you’re not feeling worry and anxiety. And similarly with guilt and shame, these are emotions of the past. So, any hobby, anything that keeps you in the present moment.

AB: In the present moment, yeah.

LT: I would say do more of that.

AB: That was fantastic. Thank you, Leena. That was such an incredible session. 

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