Komal Dadlani

Komal Dadlani

Komal is a healer and a guide at heart. Her relationship with Yoga, Vedanta and Meditation is deep rooted in her Indian upbringing and a close relationship to her mother, who even while growing up abroad instilled a very deep sense of respect and connection towards their heritage and home country.

She is very close to the classical forms of practice and has trained intensively in Hatha Yoga to a level of 500+ hours throughout India, France, London and California, including four Teacher Training Courses. She has a deep understanding on the use of asanas and pranayama for the purpose of healing and has completed two Meditation Certificates, a Panchakarma Programme in Ayurveda and various courses on classical scriptures such as the Raja Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Aparoksha Anubhuti, Viveka Chudamani, Yoga Vashistaand the Bhagavad Gita, amongst others.

Her mastery of yoga comes from strong discipline and strict lifestyle choices that have led to the direct experience on the workings of each posture and how to maximize their effect on desired aspects of psychological make up and physiology.

She works closely with yoga centres worldwide, in UK, Chile, Spain & India, such as Pure Yoga Canarias, Evolve Wellness Centre London and Yoga Mukti Chile, leading workshops, masterclasses and courses on Ayurveda, Vedanta, The Astral Body, Pranayama and TTC modules on Yoga Philosophy and Meditation. Expect to be challenged, supported and led towards the experience of a clearer and more joyful Self. Komal is super hands-on with her asana-adjustments and guidance. You can expect precision and results-driven-direction from her advise.

Therapies offered: Hatha yoga , life coaching with yoga and ayurveda

Name and country of organisations registered with: CIMSPA (UK)

Contact email: komal@omhathayoga.com