Manifesting Abundance: The Science Behind The Law of Attraction

Welcome to the first episode of my new series Wellness Curated Repurposed – the Science Edit. In this series, we explore relevant topics through a scientific lens. We’ve handpicked the best conversations of host Anshu Bahanda with experts from across the globe.  

In this episode, she decodes the law of attraction and the power of manifestation. Moving beyond the realm of wishful thinking and mystical practices, she discusses how real science — spanning psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics — provides a framework for attracting wealth, well-being, and remarkable experiences into your life.

The episode features expert insights from hypnotherapist Luigi Sciambarella, board member at The Monroe Institute in the UK, spiritual teacher and transformation coach Shreans Daga, and Toronto-based bioscientist Dr. Arnie Gotfryd. Discover the psychological underpinnings of belief and action alignment, the role of the Reticular Activating System in focusing awareness, and how goal-setting and visualisation techniques can lead to peak performance. Learn about neuroplasticity and the transformative power of rewiring your brain through positive, abundant thinking. This episode is packed with actionable strategies, including gratitude practices, visualisation exercises, and mindfulness and meditation techniques, all aimed at turning intentions into reality. Remember, manifestation is not just about thinking or hoping — it’s about doing. Join us to unlock the secret to living your best life by setting your intentions, visualising your goals, and taking concrete steps toward achieving them.

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