Meditation for Love

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Anshu Bahanda: This is Anshu Bahanda on Wellness Curated. My mission is to empower you with health and wellness, so that you can then go and empower others. Followed by millions around the world, Deepak Chopra, the Indian-American author and alternative medicine advocate, explained love very beautifully. He said, “If you have your full attention in the moment, you will see only love.” Our fourth instalment in our meditation series will help you find love and abundance of love and remove negativity and conflicts in your relationship and fill it with love. Let us hear from Amrita Mann, who is a healer, seeker and yogi and discover how to surround ourselves with love. 

Amrita, I think our purpose as the human race is to procreate and the need for love and a partner is therefore very, very deeply embedded in us. What do you think about that? 

Amrita Mann: I’m glad you brought up that question. I would not say that our purpose is to procreate, procreation is one part of it, yes. When it comes to love, the kind of unconditional love that you feel for your child is something which you probably don’t feel in a relationship otherwise, but procreation is just a very basic level of creation. Yes, it is important because it is mirroring the cosmic creation. It is mirroring the shiv shakti and the shakti creating all of life. So that is why the feminine energy needs to procreate on a basic level, because that is only creation from the sex chakra, but there are many levels of creation we’ll get into maybe at another time, because they are creations from the higher chakras as well, like the internet, all of this age of technology and all is all creation from the throat and the upper chakras. Creating loving relationships is an aspect of the heart chakra, so it’s all about creating. Creating music, art, it’s all creation. So, yeah, procreation is just one bit. I wouldn’t say it is our purpose in life. The need to be in a relationship or to find love, to have children is probably not the right reason to get into a relationship in the first place, especially in today’s day and age, because I see a lot of couples whose children have grown up, they have no connection whatsoever between themselves. That’s just one aspect of it. Love, I think, teaches you a lot. It’s a beautiful feeling. It’s an ebb and flow of you feeling good, then you feel bad, and then you have because it makes you look within. I think that is where it begins. Love begins with yourself. We’ve been taught to give and give and give and do the right thing for everyone else and to seek approval, that is why I think we see a lot of dysfunction when it comes to relationships. That is one aspect where I feel that we really need to heal, that we really need to recreate a story, a new story about love for ourselves, for the new Earth. And it is changing. It is changing. You don’t see people wanting to be in relationships just for the heck of being in a relationship, having children like a parent’s age. They were just taught, love grows. Love grows with the person you’re married to. I think you need to understand yourself before you can understand another human being. Because the more you go deeper into yourself, the more you understand your own weaknesses, your own strengths, the more you can love deeply. So many times you hear people saying, “I do this and I do that, and I’m doing everything, but she or he still feels that I don’t do enough or I’m not loved” but you don’t need to do everything. You need to feel love for yourself within and that person will actually start feeling love themselves. Because energy, wherever you’re radiating, if you’re doing it from a place of responsibility, duty, I have to do it or from a place of pleasing somebody or getting some approval in return, you’re actually pressurising the other person. So that is where I think a lot of relationships need healing. There are many levels to it. I think the first thing is when you are actually in love with somebody or in a relationship with somebody, that person will mirror your energy. We have an attraction towards certain people. Those people will mirror certain aspects of yourself. 

AB: So I 100% agree with you that we reflect on the external world, what we’re feeling internally. So if we love ourselves, we will be valued in a relationship, and the person in our life will be valued. But if we look at the macro situation, if we look at species as such so you look at human beings, you look at animals, isn’t the idea of a race survival of the human race, of the giraffes, of the lions? Of course, we’ve taken it to another extreme where there’s 8 billion people on the planet, which is madness. We’re procreating like crazy. 

AM: The whole planet is a Ray Two planet. Ray two is a ray of love. So the whole purpose of humanity is to understand love, to be in love, and even what we call Christ consciousness, or Krishna consciousness, that is all the ray of love. Like, we have the Trinity, and the Trinity is love, light and power. Power is the Shiva energy. It’s the Father energy. Love is the Christ energy, Krishna energy, all the ascended masters, because that is why we have this. Everything in the world actually is love. Even when we come to healing anything or wanting anything or having a happy life, it all boils down to love. Because that is the essence of our planet. So in terms of evolution right now, as a human race, once we perfect love, then we go into perfecting power. 

AB: But are there two kinds of love? So one kind of love is just what you feel for everybody. The other kind of love is for those who are looking for the right partner in their lives. 

AM: But even in terms of finding the right partner, it’s very important to love yourself first. Also, you need to ask yourself a lot of questions if you’re looking for the right partner because when you’re finding a partner from a place of woundedness, you’re going to attract woundedness. There are many things in a relationship, and to find the right partner, because for that you need to first love yourself, then you will automatically find people who love you for who you are, without changing any aspect of yourself. When we are finding the right partner, we’re like, “if I become like this, maybe I’ll be more attractive, or If I do this, maybe I’ll be more attractive” but you need to feel good about yourself the way you are. Then you will find somebody who appreciates you for the way you are and these are the wounds that we need to heal within ourselves, actually. 

AB: Wow, that is fascinating. 

AM: I think one thing which I will say is that when we judge something in somebody, or when we have a very strong charge about certain emotions, like honesty, integrity, family values, or something like when you’re very emotional about something, or you tend to become judgmental about it, you will tend to attract that in a partner. You’ll find that whatever you have a judgement on, or a negative emotional charge on, you will attract that in your partner. Because that is what you need to heal, in yourself. Relationships are meant for you to heal. I truly believe that. I feel that they are meant for you to heal, evolve and grow, because they challenge the aspects of you which don’t come up otherwise. It’s very easy to have a distance with everybody. When you’re not living day in, day out with the person, sharing a life with the person, then it’s very easy to say, okay, fine, or even say what you feel like. But when you’re in a relationship, it’s a very tricky thing. You need to handle that with care. You need to understand yourself. You need to understand why the other person is reacting like that. But if you are wounded within, you will not understand the wound of another person, you will blame the other person, which just makes your relationships worse. Which is why you go back to finding the right partner, I think goes back to healing your own child wounds or your own wounds, your own insecurities about yourself. Like I said, it’s a process, it’s a journey, so you’re not always done. But at least finding the right partner should mean that whatever you need in a partner, you should have the same qualities within. 

AB: The people who come into our lives, the people who challenge us the most are probably our greatest teachers. And on that note, I’d love for you to do a meditation on love.  

AM: Just relax. Take a deep breath. Just become aware of your energies. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Take a few deep relaxed breaths. Notice in your body any part where you don’t feel completely relaxed. Allow your mind to go there, deliberately relaxing, releasing any tension, any heaviness. Allow your body to become heavier, sinking down with every exhale. Relaxing deeper into your body. Be aware of your heart. Try and sense the energy of your heart right now. See if you can meet yourself from a place of compassion, softness and gentleness. As you do that, feel your body relax. Imagine yourself floating up in the air, looking back at yourself and observing your body, seeing yourself from the eyes of love and care, like you see somebody who you completely adore in love. Notice the qualities about yourself that you love, that you’re proud of. See your entire being with the eyes of love and kindness. See the parts of yourself that are not perfect and accept those paths as well. Shower them with love. Ask what they are trying to generate, where they are wounded. You can ask where the healing is required. Know that nobody is perfect. As long as you can love that part of you, which is the motor part of you, and bring it to light. Healing the love that you have. See yourself as a being of divine light, divine love, child of the divine parents. You’re completely perfect right now. Now from a space of love and kindness, whatever you feel to be complete, to be better, allow yourself to integrate those qualities into your life, from a place of love rather than from a place of judgement. Relax deeper into your heart. Allow yourself to radiate your goodness, your love, your joy out into the world from the face of finding love, loving, compassionate and healing relationships. From this place of compassion towards yourself, acceptance of every part of yourself, physically, emotionally, mentally. Knowing that you are worthy of love, you’re worthy of all the good things, of a loving, compassionate partner who can be with you on your journey, who can help you in your journey of life. Smile. Send that light out into the world. Whatever that love means for you, whatever that companionship means for you in its boldness. Tell the universe that I am ready to receive that companionship and love. Be aware of about 5 feet around your entire body— be aware of your crown up like a flower into the universe. See your energy expanding out. Your energy of self-love, self-acceptance and knowing that whoever is attracted to you, is attracted to you for you. It’s willing to be with you on this journey of life. See the relationship from a place of joy— bringing happiness, peace and unconditional love. Ask the angels of love to guide you to the right path. Allow yourself to be receptive to this love that the universe is giving to you and to know when it comes. 

AB: Thank you, Amrita. And thank you for pointing out how important it is for us to sort ourselves out internally and not make mistakes that we’re making with ourselves externally. Thanks for joining us. Hope you enjoyed the Wellness Curated podcast. Please subscribe and tell your friends and family about it. And here’s to you, leading your best life.