Meditation for Wealth and Abundance

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Anshu Bahanda: This is Anshu Bahanda on Wellness Curated. Thanks for joining me on this podcast. My mission is to empower you with health and wellness, so that you can then go and empower others. Money is a form of energy and like energy, it’s meant to flow. I’d like to share this powerful idea from the New York Times number one bestselling self help book, ‘The Secret’, which I’m sure a lot of you have heard about, penned by Rhonda Byrne, “when God blesses you financially, don’t raise your standard of living, raise your standard of giving.” Wonderful words. To welcome you all to episode three in our meditation series meditation for wealth and abundance. Let’s join Amrita Mann as she guides us. So, Amrita, why is wealth and abundance important? 

Amrita Mann: I think exactly what you said, and this is what I believe also very firmly, we have seen it in many, many cases that when we hold things, when we are in a state of lack, or when we feel that we will lose or fear of loss, or that we tend to lose more because we are focusing more on that. It’s important in our life because like I said, there’s a lot of good you can do with it. It’s not that, like Rhonda Byrne says, that it’s not raising your standard of living, but giving. I think the problem is that we as a society are made to believe that money is bad, money is the root cause of all problems. You’ve heard so much of it growing up that you feel that there is some evil attached to money. But actually it’s a blessing. One of the most important things is that there’s a lot of good that you can do with it. There is a lot and the more that you give, the more it flows to you. So you’re in this constant cycle. So when you’re not in fear based thinking, when you have that trust in the universe, that the universe is abundant and if you see in nature everything is in abundance. So this feeling of lack, this feeling of not having enough is something which has just been conditioned into us. It depends on what we are focusing on. Also when you’re giving out money, if you are grateful that you can do that, when you’re paying your bills, you’re grateful that you can pay your bills, when you are receiving money, be grateful that you’re receiving money, you’ll notice that the energy of money, the relationship you have with money, changes. When you are giving money to somebody or when you’re helping someone out, don’t think that you are the one helping, you are the one being helped. So I really feel that there’s much truth in those words because you’re doing a good deal, but it’s actually you’re clearing a lot of your own karma. 

AB: Yeah, to me, like you said, money is an energy and there is abundance of everything, whether you want abundance of health, whether you want abundance of money. The universe, like you said, is abundant. Nature is abundant. But why then does mankind as a race live in lack? Like you said, we’ve been conditioned. But why? Where’s that come from? 

AM: I think one of the reasons is we see ourselves as separate. We see ourselves as you, me, good, bad. On one spectrum, yes, there is duality, but we just focus too much on lack. There is so much fear. Everything is fear-based. We have not been taught that it’s enough, like whatever you have is enough, or be grateful for everything that you have. I think that is where the problem comes, that you’re focusing on what you don’t have rather than what you have and that is in terms of everything. Like you notice people talk a lot more about their problems than they talk about the blessings. I know so many people who have cried poverty all their life and then having everything, having a very good and blessed life, it’s just a constant thing that “I don’t have more, I don’t have enough” and unfortunately, life has actually taken everything away from them. It’s just about how grateful you are, how you connect with everything. When you know that when you’re giving, you have been given that’s given. That’s why you’re giving, it’s just a flow of energy. When we come from that mindset, then you’re not stuck in lack, then you’re not stuck in “this is mine or this is yours.” You’ll notice that people are always trying to compare themselves and a lot of parents also do it to their children. They’re always comparing. They, of course, do it with a good intention that they want their child to learn the right values and sing. But you’ll always compare yourself to somebody who has more than you, better than human certain things, and you’ll always feel a sense of lack. I think that is a very deep rooted thing in society which we need to beat out, basically.

AB: In our meditation today. Amrita, can you incorporate a sort of a meditation for wealth, abundance and to get rid of this feeling of lack somehow? Should we get into it now, get into meditation?

AM: Sure. Just relax, take a deep breath, inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth, completely relaxing your body, being in tune with your body. To the Divine, Supreme Being, Divine Father, Mother, to all the angels of prosperity and abundance, may humbling hope, Her divine guidance, health, healing and blessings indeed, gratitude and love. Visualise the pinkish gold light coming down from source, connecting to your heart. Take a deep breath into your heart, connecting to the Cosmic Father. See this light radiating from your heart, out into your aura, taking this love down to the earth, through the base of the spine, through your feet, down into Mother Earth. See yourself rooted to mother Earth. Visualise a pool of crystalline citrine crystal, a bright yellow crystal at the centre of the Earth, connecting to the energy of abundance, of joy, peace. Breathe the light up through the soles of your feet into the base of the spine to your heart, once again radiating a pinkish gold light out into your entire energy field, integrating the energy of mother Earth and father Sky into your heart. The heart is the centre of abundance, love, joy. Visualise the energy all around your body. Give us bubbles of joy, abundance. Radiating from your heart, disintegrating any belief systems that are not serving you anymore, any thought forms that the universe does not support me. What is the struggle to receive abundance? Even the thought that there is more noble to give than to receive, “money doesn’t grow trees” and anything that you’ve been told as a child that there is lack in the world that you don’t have now, it’s going back to all those memories in your body, emotions and thoughts. Clearing all those energies from every aspect of a being, allowing yourself to release any fears, any stress about being built, any negative conditioning, anytime you have disrespected the abundance that you have been given in any form, be it monetary, love, relationships, anytime you have not valued what you have been given, allow yourself to ask for forgiveness and release those memories. Forgive yourself. Think about your relationships, anytime you have disrespected or not valued even the smallest things which you took for granted. Think of your work, the people that you work with, anytime you have disregarded their health or judged them, not trusted their intention. Allow yourself to release any doubt from within you, any self pity, any competitive spirit to the extreme. Allow it to be released, anytime where you have compared yourself to something else in any way, just take a deep breath and let it go. Breathe into your heart, smile at yourself, value yourself. Value yourself as a person. Feel the love for yourself. I say I allow myself to accept every part of me.I allow the blessings to come to me. I am receptive to love, abundance and prosperity in all forms in my life. If I have any guilt about receiving, tell yourself that I am worthy to receive all the abundance. I am a child of God and I’m one of God. I’m worthy of all the abundance that the universe has. I give myself permission to receive and be abundant in every way. I honour all the abundance that I have received, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I am an unlimited being, accepting from an unlimited source, the Supreme Being, the source of all my abundance. I bless the entire world with this abundance. See yourself filling up with this golden pink light. Breathe it from your heart, inhaling from divine beings, exhaling through every cell in your body an abundance in every way. May the Divine light from the source from Mother Earth into your heart, radiating it through every cell in your body slowly come back into your body. 

AB: That was wonderful. We need a couple of clarifications. One was I think you said something very important in the meditation, that there is no limit to abundance. 

AM: Absolutely. And there is enough for everyone. There is more than enough. 

AB: Because sometimes some people feel guilty, they feel they’re depriving someone else, so there isn’t a limited amount. You said something very important which was the crystalline core of the Earth. 

AM: All the crystals come from the Earth. So when you’re connecting to that energy, to a crystalline energy in the Earth, it sends up, you receive a lot. Again, it’s the intention, you are intending to connect to that crystalline pool of energy because you’re wanting abundance, joy and prosperity. But you can connect to anything. You have your ancestral grid as well. You have the new Earth grid, which is forming as well. You have so many things which are within the Earth with which you can connect to.  

AB: Thank you. Amrita. Thank you so much for a great meditation. Thanks for joining us. Hope you enjoyed the Wellness Curated podcast. Please subscribe and tell your friends and family about it. And here’s to you, leading your best life.