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Newsletter March 2023

Review: SHA Wellness, Alicante, Spain

This was my first time at SHA, which has recently made headlines for helping singer P!nk shed her Covid weight. I was charmed by the idea of escaping UK’s bitter winter, but also intrigued by the way my friends had described it. I have to say it not only met my expectations but exceeded them on many levels. Here’s what I loved: the location was stunning and it helped that it was just a 20-minute walk from the beach; every room is a suite; the whole place operated with the efficiency of a well-oiled machine; it was extremely organised and efficient and guests are assigned a personal coordinator, so to speak, to attend to any queries and assist wherever needed; I loved that there were so many great therapies and treatments to choose from (wellbeing and inner balance, aesthetic treatments, regenerative medicine, cognitive health, you name it); and mainly, I loved that the food was absolutely fabulous.

If I had to change anything about it, though, I’d want a lot more outdoor space, and also a little more personal space. The latter would help guests to really reflect on what they want from the experience. All the same, I had a wonderful time, and I particularly enjoyed cognitive psychologist Dr Bruno Ribeiro’s ‘transcranial electric stimulation’. Developed to tackle chronic pain, sleep disorders, and so on, the treatment requires wearing a helmet through which soft currents are delivered to the brain to either increase or decrease neural activity.

To know more about what’s on offer at Sha Wellness Luxury Resort, click here.

Interview with plastic and aesthetic surgeon, Raj Ragoowansi

“A lot of girls, some as young as 16 and 20, have been coming in for breast reductions,” says London-based Mr Raj Ragoowansi, who is as well-known for his breast aesthetic work as he is for his post-weight-loss body contouring and postpartum body reshaping techniques. It’s a positive shift, because large breasts can be painful, and can even cause a hunched back over time. “It’s heartening to see that young women can have these conversations with their parents more openly now, and that parents are a lot more understanding,” says Mr Ragoowansi.

For surgeons, the biggest challenge with plastic surgery lies in the area of managing patient expectations. “Often, with plastic surgery, patients expect zero scarring, but you will have some scars. Patients also need to remember that your surgeon has no influence on how your tissue heals,” says Dr Ragoowansi, highlighting that it’s important for patients to ask surgeons all the questions they have in mind, and just as important for surgeons to point out the limitations of such a procedure.

Mr Ragoowansi adds that all it requires is a single’s night’s stay in the hospital, but complete recovery can take about six weeks. “No lifting and carrying is allowed post the procedure and patients may not lie on their stomachs for about four weeks; they have to lie on their back,” Mr Ragoowansi shares.

That said, successful breast reduction surgery can go a long way to increase a person’s ability and willingness to participate in sports and it can elevate a woman’s self-confidence significantly.

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