Olga Star

Olga Star

If you are at a stage of awakening and you recognise yourself to be here in service to the Earth Ascension, then her energy will allow you to embody more of your own 'I AM' awareness. Your Truer Self that is.

This is like plugging into a power plug to accelerate your awakening and bring you into full alignment with your task on the planet with your Soul Purpose.

Her Truer Energy assists the 'battery' for the entire Earth Ascension Mission. The Power Of Its Source. No one is brought into her life by chance. She works with the selected few and your ‘sprit teams and guides' bring you to her attention... or bring your attention to her.

It's not an easy task, your mission and your life purpose, but with the right support and guidance you can achieve your soul's calling and your current Earth Ascension Related Mission.

The crystals are our additional 'batteries' and in addition to their individual purposes (yes crystals, alive crystals that is, have their individual work/mission to fulfil)... and they also assist her to somewhat text-code the information that will be only perceivable on your Truer Spirit (Aether) Self Level. If it is for you - it will get downloaded and you'll benefit from such downloads almost instantaneously.

Healing sessions with Olga Star facilitate the necessary repair in your energetic structure Chi and catalyse the flow of energy currents in your body... All the way down to the micro-cellular level.

She works with energetic structures and therefore certain pains you may have had for years can suddenly disappear straight after the session or the next morning after you've had the session with her.

The purpose of her healing is:

To repair your connection between your energy structure and your body.

Therapies offered: Energy healing, soul therapy

Contact email: olga.star.lv@gmail.com