Wellness Curated is a nurturing community centred on health and wellness, a safe space where you will find the support you need, whatever you’re going through. This is a one-stop shop for information on diverse healing practices and products, both modern and time-honoured, as we believe the best results are achieved when the body, mind and spirit are all given due importance in the healing process. I bring you the advice of world-renowned medical experts as well as practitioners of complementary non-traditional treatments in a bid to empower you with all the information you need to heal from the inside out. Carefully curated by me, Anshu Bahanda, this list of tools and techniques will support your wellness journey and help you enjoy a fuller, more productive life.

Latest Episodes

Podcast 21
Work With Your Subconscious Mind
Khun Jah

Khun Jah has been doing Energy Healing and Life Coaching for more than 15 years. As everything is energy, his main focus is to communicate with the subconscious mind of the clients to find energetic imbalances that need to be released in order to resolve their issues. This can be done in person or through video calls.

Many people say that if you can change your subconscious mind – then you can change your life. Jah from Thailand teaches us how to change and reprogram our subconscious mind. I have been working with Jah for a few years now and would love you to listen to him.

Podcast 20
Loose Weight and Feel Amazing
Shakiba Rangoonwala

Shakiba Rangoonwala is a medical doctor, who went on to homeopathy and then combined it with nutrition and bioresonance. Her 23 years of experience in these various areas will help you lose the extra kilos, or help you get to a better place mentally or physically – whatever it is that you need. It’s personalised therapy and I’m excited that Shakiba is back with us (some of you will remember that she spoke to us about bioresonance) to talk about the best alternative therapies and how they can help you achieve your optimum weight and health.

Podcast 19
Healing Light Therapy
Cristina Pigeon

Cristina has a miracle recovery story using LED light therapy and has made it her life’s mission now to help people. Cristina is based in the USA where a lot of research has been done on light therapy. Light therapy can help with a number of ailments, aches and pains. People across the globe are using non-invasive LED light devices for clinical and home use to initiate photobiomodulation (PBM). Learn how LED Light technology triggers PBM and cellular healing mechanisms including increasing circulation and reducing pain.

Podcast 18
Essential Oils
Robin Covey

Robin Covey is a wealth of information on essential oils and the various cures and benefits; and how they can help us have a better quality of life and more wellness. Essential oils are an essential part of a number of cultures. I grew up with essential oils – I’m sure a number of you did. However I realised that essential oil research and development has taken it to a different level now. Some of my friends use essential oils for everything and with incredible results!

Podcast 17
Tips and Lessons from lockdown
Reeva Misra

Reeva is the CEO and founder of Walking on Earth with a degree in psychology from Oxford. Walking on Earth is on a mission to elevate human happiness. They have brought together the world’s leading experts in holistic health – from practitioners to scientists to thought leaders who are pushing the boundaries in the field. They assimilate this knowledge into the Walking on Earth platform, creating classes, content and analytics to guide you to optimal health.

Reeva Misra and I will talk about lockdown and not just the ways to cope with it but also what are the lessons we need to learn from lockdown. We will discuss the science behind uncertainty, stress and anxiety (all the effects of lockdown) and the science behind the tips that we will recommend.

Podcast 16
Geetu Anand

Geetu Anand has come to understand homeopathy first as a source of effective treatment for herself and her family. She has personally benefited from homeopathy for PCOS and anxiety. She is passionate about the gift to wellbeing that homeopathy provides, and believes it is personally fulfilling to help her patients in achieving good health in a gentle and supporting way.

I have seen miracles happen with Homeopathy. It’s a form of therapy that sorts out everything. I could not have brought up my kids without Homeopathy. I have watched Geetu help a number of COVID cases. She’s also been very good with other diseases. I know a number of you with young kids have asked me about homeopathy solutions. Please listen to this podcast to gain some insight about the same.

Podcast 15
Energy Healing
Dr Devanshi Kapadia

Dr Devanshi Kapadia has mastered a number of healing modalities which are rare and not easy to master like Family constellation therapy, Clinical hypnotherapy, Regression therapy, Integrated inner child healing, Systemic constellations therapy, Numerology, Signature and handwriting analysis.
Energy Healing can take on various forms. You can use this healing to help yourself, your parents and kids. I also find that when my ‘energy’ works right, it helps everyone around me. I would love you to listen to this podcast and understand the different forms of energy healing.

Podcast 14
Dr. Ali

Dr. Mosaraf Ali is a physician trained in Western and Indian medicine. He has extensive education in Chinese Herbal Medicine and has previously taken up the position of heading the Department of Integrated Medicine at the Hale Clinic in Central London. He has developed a one of a kind integrated medical centre of his own in London in 1998 and has also learnt about traditional healing methods and herbal remedies used by tribal cultures in India. He is the author of a number of books like ‘The Integrated Health Bible,’ ‘Therapeutic Yoga,’ and ‘Dr. Ali’s Nutrition Bible.’
In this podcast, he gives his expert opinion on questions of immunity.

Podcast 13
Bushra Khan

Bushra Khan is a holistic psychotherapist who has worked with some of the world’s most prominent and leading teachers such as Marisa Peer, Bob Proctor, Blue Marsden, Vishen Lakhiani, and Eckhart Tolle. She has developed the qualities and skills to help my clients to create a mindset to take back control, conquer their thoughts, actions and belief systems and support them in designing their life in their ideal way.
At the moment, there are a lot of changes, uncertainty and fear. This is leading to worry, stress and anxiety. Bushra Khan will give you tools to deal with these issues. I look forward to helping you and growing with you in this journey of health and wellness.

Podcast 12
Shakiba Rangoonwala

Shakiba Rangoonwala was practicing to be a medical doctor and then decided to study nutrition, homeopathy and bioresonance. Her medical background makes her approach really scientific and research based. She’s a powerhouse of knowledge! Her expertise in the above areas combined with her desire to help people with their health and wellness issues makes me really resonate with what she does. Bioresonance is a relatively new concept in health and wellness assessment and enhancement. I have been getting bioresonance done for 15 years now – never took it 100% seriously since I was a little bit skeptical about it. And then recently, someone I know, had extensive health tests done. After all the results came, they went to our gorgeous practitioner – Shakiba Rangoonwala, and tried out her bioresonance machine, and all the results that they had gotten through extensive testing and costs, were given by this bioresonance machine in less than 5 minutes and at a fraction of the cost – under the expert eye of Shakiba! I heard this from the client themselves. Come and hear Shakiba and the Asyra machine weave their magic!