Podcast 90
Living with Autism
Jonas Torrance

We are aiming to explore how to live with and alongside people with autism.

But let me start with this quote from Author and Autism advocate Dr. Temple Grandin.

She has said about her autism …

“The world needs different kinds of minds to work together”

Such an interesting idea! In today’s session we discuss  attitudes and approaches to autism, and how we can all understand more so we can support those who are living with autism.

Joining us today is Jonas Torrance, author and dance movement therapist who has worked extensively with autistic children over many decades.

He is the author of the influential book ‘ Therapeutic Adventures with Autistic Children and a Private Practitioner and Supervisor registered with The Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK.

Jonas will be sharing his years of experience with us and helping us to understand and support better those who are Living with Autism

Thank you for joining us Jonas….