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Psychological Astrology

This practise welds together the fields of psychology and astrology, through the cross fertilisation of western astrology and depth psychology. It’s also is a powerful tool that can be used to help an individual understand their potential. Like a blue print, the birth chart enables one to get in touch with their life process and how it unfolds. Just as an apple seed is destined to become an apple tree, humans are born with their own unique genetic structure. As nature is subjected to seasons, we too as humans are also subject to an ebb and flow, birth, growth and flowering of our abilities, relationships, and life journey.

To be able to get in touch with these seasons and cycles of a chart enables one to make the best of one’s situation and make informed and thoughtful choices as to how one would like to thrive. The birth chart is able to faithfully reflect this through thoughtful analysis.

In addition, it also enables one to:

-Become aware of the people that they need and are drawn to in their lives and how they are a reflection of their own psyche.
-Comprehend how the circumstances of their lives are necessary for the evolution and development of their individual journey
-On a day to day level, enable one to fathom why one needs to come across specific people, places, and circumstances in order to fulfil one’s growth as a human.

We cannot always change our Path but we can consciously and actively participate in its unfolding. The more we are able to fathom the deeper meaning and purpose of our existence, the more we are able to enrich our lives and also invite others to do the same.