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Picture of Dr Ramesh Pattni

Dr Ramesh Pattni

Dr Ramesh Pattni is a theologian and psychologist, holds three master’s degrees in psychology, psychology of religion, and study of religion. He has also obtained a doctorate from the University of Oxford, Faculty of Theology and Religion, based on his research into Patanjali’s text on Classical Yoga – the Yogasūtra and Western Positive Psychology, comparing the phenomenology of Flow and altered states of consciousness experienced in the meditation of Samadhi and also tutors at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

He is also a Trustee and the Vice President of the Chinmaya Mission UK, a worldwide spiritual organisation where he teaches spirituality. He is the Vice President (South) of the Hindu Forum Britain and has been actively involved in representing the Hindu perspective at the national level for understanding and action. He has been recently appointed to the Trust Board of the Hindu Education Board that advocates and facilitates the teaching of Hinduism in schools in the UK.

He has deep interest in presenting the psychological concepts, tools and techniques of the ancient traditions in today’s world for mental well-being. He works as a counsellor and psychotherapist assisting people to regain mental wellbeing and resilience. He has extensively lectured and conducted workshops and retreats on diverse subjects over the past two decades in Yoga and the Non-Dual (Advaita Vedanta) traditions. He was recently awarded an OBE for services to interfaith and the Hindu community in the UK, by Her Majesty the Queen in the New Year’s Honours list.

Therapies offered: Cognitive behaviour therapy, emotion focused therapy (EFT), existential therapy, integrative therapy, psychotherapy

Name and country of organisations registered with: British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) in UK, British Psychological Society (BPS) in UK, Universities Psychotherapy and Counselling Association (UPCA) in UK

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