S1 E3
Intimacy after Infidelity

Let’s Get Physical

Although few people in relationships take the trouble to lay down the boundaries, or clearly define their relationship agreements, most people would define an affair as an occasion when a partner broke such an agreement in what they felt was a committed partnership. That could be a physical affair, at times, but people can feel just as betrayed by partners who secretly correspond with another. Expectations vary from one relationship to another and even partners in a relationship can have different expectations. An affair is, therefore, really a case of breach of trust, in one way or the other.

It’s tough, but not impossible, to get back to a healthy relationship – if that’s what partners want to do. Whether you’re the one who strayed or the one who feels betrayed, in this episode, psychosexual and relational therapist Anvita Madan-Bahel, relationship reinvention specialist Aili Seghetti and psychotherapist Cassandra de la Thea tell you how to get through this rough patch.

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