S1 E5
Aesthetic Medicine- Extreme to Mainstream

Let’s Get Physical: Not so long ago, only celebrities opted for aesthetic treatments. Botox, liposuction and dermal fillers were things that most regular people only read about in magazines with a mixture of awe and trepidation. Today, however, everyone is familiar with these procedures. It’s not uncommon for working professionals to stop by a clinic to get their Botox shots on their way to work; it’s become as ordinary as picking up a takeaway. The fact that technological developments have made these treatments more accessible is great – because issues like scars, acne and the physical after-effects of cancer treatments can sometimes destroy one’s self-esteem. But there is a downside to the fact that these treatments have become so commonplace, too. From the dangers of addiction and excessive use to the risks of having inexperienced people performing these procedures, Dr Barbara Dalbos from the incredible Sha Wellness Clinic in Spain, lays it all out in this episode.

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