S2 E2
Lettering and Brain Function

The art of calligraphy is not only therapeutic; it actually stimulates the brain and helps improve focus, memory and problem-solving skills. In China, the Tang dynasty (618-907) mandated that officials practice the art of calligraphy, and the art of lettering was one of six disciplines of higher education. Today, there is scientific evidence to show that lettering improves brain function, but long before devices could measure it, the Chinese had observed the positive impact of lettering on visual-spatial aptitude. In this episode, you’ll hear Mumbai’s most sought-after calligrapher, Sanjana Chatlani of The Bombay Lettering Company talk about how the art improved her tennis game, and how it helps boost cognitive function in general. She also outlines what it takes to practice calligraphy, how to assess if you’re cut out for it, and where you can sign up for online classes so as to avail of the cognitive benefits now.

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