S2 E3
The Aging Brain: A caregiver’s guide

Leading political journalist and TV show host Priya Sahgal who cares for her 80 year old mother, helping her deal with all the complications that old age brings, shares her experience in this episode. Not only will some listeners really relate with what she’s going through, Priya also tells you what’s worked for her and where the real-life challenges lie in situations such as these. After all, memory loss isn’t the only problem that comes with cognitive decline; caregivers may find their loved ones turn into people they don’t recognise with massive personality changes. They can become difficult, moody, or frustrated – and the difficult task of caring for them can leave you equally changed. Leading neurologist, Dr PN Renjen from Apollo Hospitals and geriatric psychiatrist, Dr Santosh Bangar tell you how to identify that it’s time to get your loved ones help, what to expect as they get older, what you can do to slow down / prevent or manage the symptoms of cognitive decline, and most importantly, what you must do to care for yourself.

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