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S2 E4
Brain Games: Exercises to improve focus, memory and creativity

Neurobics are activities and exercises that stimulate the brain. These are the equivalent to aerobic exercises, only they’re aimed at sharpening the mind. The idea is to train your brain with these exercises the way you train your muscles at a gym. A few short sessions of these brain workouts every day will challenge your brain and yield results in four key areas: Memory, Focus, Problem-solving and Calculation.

In this episode, you’ll hear scientist and educator Dr. Arnie Gotfryd talking about the results he’s seen neurobics deliver, why these exercises help and what you need to set up a brain gym at home. Arnie runs Maxi Mind Learning in Toronto and in this episode, he also delves into what his trademarked brain-training programme involves and how you can avail of its benefits.

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