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S3 E4
H2Know: Surprising facts about hydration

In this episode, you’ll hear multiple award-winning nutritionist Sheeba Majmudar talk about how little people know about hydration, something that has a profound effect on the way we function. Sheeba talks about ‘activating’ water, which is really not as complicated as it sounds – how to do it and why this is required to facilitate the absorption of the water you consume into your cells. She fills us in on how much water individuals really need to consume and highlights surprising ways in which our bodies try to tell us that they’re dehydrated. She also cautions against relying on ‘thirst’ as the only indicator that your body needs water and explains why that’s a problematic approach.

Most importantly, Sheeba provides tips and strategies for measuring whether your body is adequately hydrated and ensuring that it gets the right kind of water all through the day. This episode is going to change the way you drink.

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