S3 E6
Wellness on the menu: Decoding the diets of premium spas

In this episode of Wellness Curated, host, Anshu Bahanda delves into the transformative approaches of two esteemed experts in the field of nutrition and wellness. Dr Harald Stossier, the visionary behind Viva Mayr, who has now founded Modern Mayr Dilijan shares invaluable insights into his much sought-after methodology. With a focus on mindful chewing, proper digestion, and personalised dietary plans, his method aims to optimise overall well-being and enhance digestion through a holistic approach.

Joining the conversation, is also Dr S N Murthy who endorses a plant-based diet and naturopathy as powerful tools for health at Pema Wellness Resort. Emphasising the healing properties of plant-based foods and the benefits of natural remedies, Dr Murthy guides listeners towards embracing a lifestyle that aligns with the healing powers of nature.

Prepare to be inspired as these experts highlight practical ways to improve your well-being. Listen in and unlock the potential for enhanced health and vitality through these distinct approaches.

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