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S4 E4
Behind the #InstaLife: Balancing Social Media and Emotional Well-being

Join us for an illuminating discussion on ‘Social Media and Mental Health’ with eminent psychiatrist Dr. Pervin Dadachanji and influential social media personality, Khushnaz Turner. In this episode, Khushnaz shares her candid perspective as a mother and influencer, revealing her personal approach to managing her digital presence, including the ground rules within the Turner household for social media use. Highlighting the importance of ‘switching off’ to fully engage with the real world, she provides a refreshing viewpoint on achieving balance in our increasingly connected lives.

On the other hand, Dr. Dadachanji delves into the profound psychological effects of social media. With her insightful analysis, she uncovers the startling link between depression and excessive social media use. Furthermore, she explores the often overlooked impact of social media on our ability to empathise, offering a compelling perspective on how our digital habits shape our emotional responses.

This thought-provoking conversation uncovers hidden dimensions of our online lives, serving as a guide towards understanding and navigating our digital behaviours for improved mental health. Tune in for a deeper exploration of the intricate relationship between our social media habits and mental well-being.

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