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S5 E5
Green Investing – Nurturing Profits with Purpose

On this episode, Anshu Bahanda speaks to Seynabou Ba, founder of ESG Africa and ESG Director of Azura Power Holdings to shed light on the persuasive data illustrating how companies with commendable ESG commitments don’t just benefit the environment but also outperform in the financial realm. Seynabou underscores the urgency for investors to probe deeper, ensuring their financial endeavours resonate with their ethical values. She talks about the profitable prospects of green investing and urges investors to understand its monumental influence on our collective well-being. We have all seen Nature reacting with increasing fervour in different parts of the world – fires and floods are Nature’s way of fighting back after years of neglect and they should serve as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness of our actions, investments, and the health of our planet. There’s no doubt about it: Our investments are powerful. Collectively channelled, they can persuade corporations towards sustainable pathways, ultimately reflecting in the well-being of humanity. This isn’t merely about finances; it’s about forging a healthier future for all. Listen to this episode to explore the intersection of prosperity and sustainability.

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