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S6 E2
The Power of Affirmations, Visualisation, and Manifestations

Step into the realm of limitless possibilities with your host Anshu Bahnada, in this episode featuring Luigi Sciambarella, a distinguished trainer and esteemed board member at The Monroe Institute. Explore the astonishing potential of affirmations, visualisation, and manifestations as Sciambarella takes us through what he’s learnt and observed. Let him show you how to let go of those self-imposed limitations; discover how affirmations and manifestation, much like the placebo effect, can help you heal and transform, and learn how aligning your intentions and energy can mould the universe to granting your wishes. Join us for a mind-expanding episode that promises to revolutionise your understanding of affirmations, visualisation, and manifestations. Luigi Sciambarella’s profound insights will leave you poised to shape your reality with newfound clarity.

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