S6 E3
Healing From Trauma: Inhale Healing, Exhale Trauma

Inhale Healing, Exhale Trauma: The Art of Breathwork

In this episode, host Anshu Bahanda speaks to R Christian Minson, a breathwork trainer and Life Coach, to unearth the profound relationship between breath and emotion, especially with the aim of healing from trauma. Christian illuminates the often-overlooked nuance of breathwork, elucidating how our breathing patterns can mirror, and more importantly, influence our emotional states. He delves into the body’s innate reactions during panic or fear, characterised by swift, shallow breaths, and contrasts it with the serenity accompanying deep, rhythmic inhalations and exhalations. He talks about the transformative potential of controlled breathwork, illustrating how deliberate shifts in breathing can be the bridge from negative emotional whirlwinds to a haven of positivity and peace. Drawing a striking comparison to the myriad misconceptions about walking that lead to later-life physical ailments, Christian also challenges the listener’s preconceptions about how breathing doesn’t need to be ‘taught’. Listen to this and you’ll leave equipped with practical breathwork techniques that promise a pathway to healing, balance, and emotional mastery.

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