S6 E6
Spirituality & Mental Health: A New Perspective on Healing and Recovery

Unlock the mysteries of the mind with clinical psychologist Lisa Miller in this episode of Wellness Curated by Anshu Bahanda. Dr Miller shares groundbreaking insights from a pivotal scientific study employing MRIs, illustrating the fascinating possibility of forming mental connections, even across vast distances. Together, we explore the intricate symbiotic relationship between spirituality and mental health. Tune in to unearth invaluable tips for navigating spiritual crises, comprehend the tangible influence of spirituality on well-being, and demystify the enigmatic spiritual body. Let this episode be the commencement of your journey towards self-discovery, reflection, and connection. Stay curious, and join me, your host, Anshu Bahanda, for this enlightening exploration into the mysteries of the mind and spirit.

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