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S7 E1
The Psychology of Spending: From Impulse to Investment

Discover the intricate relationship between your financial choices and your well-being on this episode of Wellness Curated. Join host Anshu Bahanda in a captivating conversation with Luis Miranda, a renowned figure in finance and social impact. Luis, who was instrumental in building institutions like HDFC Bank and IDFC Private Equity, offers valuable insights into the complex world of personal finance.

In this episode, we unravel the profound impact of our formative experiences on the decisions we make with our finances. Luis delves deep into the concept of purpose-driven choices and how they have the potential to revolutionise your financial well-being. With a keen emphasis on responsible spending and a delicate balance between extrinsic and intrinsic motivations, he sheds light on why money alone can’t unlock the doors to lasting happiness or motivation.

Luis, one of the visionary founders of the Indian School of Public Policy (ISPP), a pioneering institution that shapes future leaders with economics as its cornerstone, guides us through the transformative power of aligning your spending with your core values and long-term aspirations. His profound insights into achieving a harmonious equilibrium between financial responsibility and the pursuit of a fulfilling life promise to reshape your entire perspective on wealth.

Journey with us on this enlightening odyssey into the psychology of spending, where you’ll glean valuable insights to make more informed financial choices and ultimately achieve true contentment. 

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