S7 E2
The Pendulum of Prosperity: Saving vs Investing

In this episode, host, Anshu Bahanda, discusses the nuances of finance with Umit Kumcuoglu, the CEO of Kare Investments and a former investment banker with industry giants Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan. Umit, who has extensive experience in the world of finance and boasts a unique academic background from MIT and Istanbul Bilgi University, sheds light on how our influences shape our financial decisions. He introduces listeners to the contrarian viewpoint, emphasising the importance of investing during challenging times rather than in uncertain, “grey” periods. Learn about understanding risk, the potential pitfalls of being overexposed in investments, and the psychological factors that often lead us to choose seemingly safer investment paths. Listen to this and you’ll gain valuable insights to enhance your financial decision-making process and overall financial well-being. A must-listen for anyone keen on mastering the intricacies of investing.

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