S7 E4
Starting out before your 20s and 30s: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to an Early Start

On this incredible episode of my ‘Financial Well-being’ season, I engage in candid conversations with young trailblazers, Tristan Ramus of Twenty20 Capital, and Kevin Ross from KLJ Agency. Their entrepreneurial paths, kickstarted at a tender age, were marked with challenges but are, now, testament to the mantra: persistence breeds success. Beyond unwavering commitment, the genesis of a venture lies in a brilliant idea. So, how do you spark that innovation or channel your fervour into a game-changing enterprise? Listen to this to find out.

In an age where spirited young minds are setting the entrepreneurial stage ablaze, this episode serves as a detailed guide – from starting early to achieving significant financial landmarks, gleaning wisdom from experiences, and carving a resonant personal brand. Envisioned as a toolkit and guide for the ambitious, this episode is your blueprint to catalysing and steering your career in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

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