S7 E5
Champagnes & Stocks: Building wealth and living a rich life you deserve

In this episode, host Anshu Bahanda is joined by Ratna Sharma, Executive Director at Lighthouse Canton, who expertly guides the ultra-rich on making sound wealth investment decisions. Sharing the stage with Sharma is Spencer Sherman, who has been featured regularly on Worth magazine’s top wealth advisors list since 2005. Sherman is the driving force behind Abacus Wealth Partners LLC.

Sherman brings to the table a transformative viewpoint: attaining financial freedom is not solely about accumulating wealth, but about challenging and reshaping our ingrained beliefs about money. He explores the idea of accessing our inherent wisdom to achieve financial success.

Sharma, on the other hand, demystifies investing. She stresses on the importance of diversification, and aligning investments with individual goals, values, and life’s priorities. By emphasising smart planning to shield against unforeseen financial hits, Sharma makes a strong point: while you labour diligently, it’s imperative your money is putting in equal effort for you. Addressing a widespread challenge, she highlights the fact that many are intimidated by financial jargon or aloof advisors. Her advice is straightforward: Understand your investments, pose those critical questions, and always seek clarity.

Join us for an episode that offers more than just tips—it’s a comprehensive guide to ensuring your wealth is as meticulously managed as your well-being.

This podcast is for informational purposes only. The opinions expressed are not the opinions of Abacus Wealth Partners, the firm that Spencer founded. Should you wish to connect with a financial advisor, we welcome you to schedule a free introductory 15 minute phone call. Once your financial needs are understood, we would be happy to help you find the best fit.

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