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S8 E1
Pawsitively Nutritious: Serving Up the Scoop on Pet Nutrition

On the latest episode of Wellness Curated, host Anshu Bahanda launches her season dedicated to ‘Social Well-being’ with a delightful opening episode for pet enthusiasts. ‘Pawsitively Nutritious’, this week’s episode, is an essential listen for anyone who cherishes their furry companions.

Join Anshu and her beloved four-legged friend, Hector, as they welcome pet nutrition expert Anjali Kalachand. Anjali, a renowned figure behind A Petter Life and Nutriwoof, brings her extensive knowledge to the table, offering valuable insights into the best feeding practices for pets. She delves deep into the importance of fresh food, the unexpected perks of CBD for pets, and even tackles intriguing questions like why dogs graze on grass and the safety of exotic foods like truffles and avocado for our furry pals.

This episode doesn’t just stop at nutrition; Anjali also shares practical advice on keeping pets relaxed and stress-free during the bustling festive season.

Anjali’s love for animals shines through in her commitment to enhancing the lives of pets. Whether you’re just starting your pet parenting journey or you’re as passionate about pets as Anjali is, this episode is brimming with tips and knowledge that will enrich your relationship with your pets. So tune in to ‘Pawsitively Nutritious’ and join us in learning how to give our pets the wonderful life they deserve.

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