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S8 E2
Beyond Perception: The Crossroads of Choice

In this episode of Wellness Curated, host Anshu Bahanda explores the world of decision-making with the distinguished guest, Gary Klein, pioneer of Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) and author of “Sources of Power” and “The Power of Intuition,” among other influential titles. Gary’s groundbreaking work in collaboration with the U.S. Army and Marines has reshaped our understanding of decision-making in high-pressure situations.

In this discussion, Gary shares insights from his extensive research and real-world applications of NDM. He highlights various professions, examining how instincts and intuition play a crucial role in decision-making processes.

Tune in to unravel the secrets of making better choices, and explore the intriguing concept of ‘shadowboxing,’ a technique used by the US military and other domains that Gary Klein has influenced. Shadowboxing allows individuals to mentally prepare for various scenarios, anticipate challenges, and refine their decision-making skills.

Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of decision-making, including distinguishing intuition from instinct, with insights from Gary’s expertise in managing biases. This balanced episode considers rational thought and intuitive decisions, offering practical insights from Gary Klein’s studies and examples to improve decision-making.

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