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S8 E3
From Breakup to Breakthrough

This week on Wellness Curated, host Anshu Bahanda explores a sensitive yet crucial topic— ending long-term relationships. Joining the discussion is the president of Vardags— Ayesha Vardag, bringing expert insights to our listeners.

Divorce, a journey filled with emotional highs and lows, can sometimes be a necessary escape from toxic relationships. In this episode, ‘Britain’s top divorce lawyer’ highlights the causes of relationship breakdowns, signs of a failing marriage, the encompassing nature of abuse beyond the physical, and the strategic benefits of prenuptial agreements. Moreover, she discusses why we shouldn’t view divorce as failure. Her advice is a blend of personal and professional experiences, enriched by handling numerous high-stakes cases.

Interestingly, did you know that certain professions, like gaming managers and bartenders, have the highest divorce rates? This fact adds another layer to our understanding of relationship dynamics.

This episode offers valuable perspectives for those contemplating divorce. It guides you through the process, highlighting key considerations to avoid pitfalls in this complex journey.

Tune in for an enlightening episode that could change your view on separation and divorce. Watch now for invaluable advice and insights.

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