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S8 E4
Mind over Money: Psychological strategies that will help you find financial success

In this episode of Wellness Curated, host Anshu Bahanda explores the profound link between mental health and financial wellbeing with Joyce Marter, a renowned psychotherapist, author of ‘The Financial Mindset Fix,’ and a seasoned keynote speaker at Fortune 500 and global companies. Joyce brings her vast experience in counselling and entrepreneurial insight to explore how our psychological traits, childhood influences, and biases like anchoring bias impact our financial decisions. She discusses navigating through financial traumas such as poverty or job loss and their effects on our financial choices. This episode is not just about money management; it’s a holistic journey into understanding and improving our relationship with money and ourselves, guided by Joyce’s expertise and practical tools for mental and financial health. Tune in to understand the intricate connection between mind and money, and to take your first steps towards a life of abundance and possibility.

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